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Our passion lies in celebrating one of the most significant symbols of love—the engagement ring! Introducing our latest creation, the “Custom Engagement Ring Box,” a safe and stylish companion for any type of ring, whether it's a dazzling diamond, a precious gemstone, or a lustrous pearl. Whether you're embracing the excitement of a new engagement or marking years of marriage, our boxes stand as the perfect duo to ensure your commitment's most emblematic treasure continues to shine flawlessly.

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Product Features

Box Style:

Two Piece Simplex Style, Rigid Pre-assembled Two Piece Style

Custom Engagement Ring Box Sizes / Dimensions:
  • Standard Size: 2.5 x 2 x 1.75 inch
  • 2 x 1.85 x 1.54 inch
  • 2.5 x 2.5 x 2.5 inch
  • All Custom Sizes
Print Color Options:

CMYK Full color printing, PMS, Silver or Gold mettalic inks

Paper Options:

18pt, 24pt, 32pt, White Kraft, Brown Kraft & textured Linen stock

Order Quantity:

MOQ: No Minimums, any quantity between 5 to 50,000 units




For Your Loves: Custom Engagement Boxes

Where can a bride safely keep her precious sparkler? The options are as diverse and beautiful as the rings themselves!

These delightful containers also make a splendid surprise for the bride, making them an ideal choice for bridal showers and engagement presents.

Imagine having the perfect spot to place your ring by your bedside, at the sink while you wash your hands, or simply to keep it shiny and new. Look no further than this exquisite collection of ring boxes, lovingly curated by experts. These boxes contain designs from vintage classics to luxurious velvets and sleek modern designs; each engagement ring box tells its story. Not only are they a visual delight on your table or nightstand, but they also serve the practical purpose of safeguarding your cherished gem.

Exquisite Engagement Ring Boxes for Those Special Moments

Amid the engagement moment, we can't help but share our adoration for exquisite custom engagement ring boxes that cater to every style and couple. Printed with the "Will You?" question is a defining moment, and placing that memorable ring in a uniquely crafted box adds an extra layer of romantic impact. From the treasure trove of our artistic designs, we've handpicked hundreds of our favorite selections—each a masterpiece in its own right. Let these boxes become the script for the next chapter of your love story.

Let's delve into some of our beloved picks:

  • Personalized Hexagonal Box
  • Seashell-Shaped Proposal Box
  • Modern Black Velvet
  • Rustic Barrel-Like Wooden
  • Victorian Gothic Glass
  • Heart-Shaped Proposal
  • Pyramid Box

Often, couples invest considerable time and thought into selecting or designing the perfect custom ring but might overlook the significance of the boxes design. It's worth acknowledging that box plays a role just as pivotal as the ring itself.

The Impact of the Engagement Ring Box

Does the choice of a ring box matter? The answer is a resounding yes. The design and aesthetic of the engagement box hold great importance when presenting the ring to your partner. It sets the stage for the momentous occasion. Some may opt to present the ring directly in their hand, while others invest time in selecting an exquisite box. These boxes enhance the allure of the diamond ring, elevating its prestige.

Presenting the ring in an ornate box reflects the effort and energy invested in celebrating your love. Beyond pre-made designs, personalizing the box based on your partner's interests adds a layer of sentimentality and connection. The custom engagement ring box is an often-overlooked canvas for expressing your love and appreciation.

Exploring Engagement Ring Box Diversity

  • Classic Engagement Ring Boxes

    Classic engagement ring box custom exudes simplicity and elegance.These boxes offer secure storage for the ring. Classic boxes come in timeless designs or may feature modern twists, incorporating beautiful colors or classic velvet with varying shapes.

  • Luxury Engagement Ring Boxes

    This style exudes opulence with silk, glass, and velvet materials. Available in an array of colors, such as black, red, rich green, gold, and purple, these boxes enhance the brilliance of the diamond ring. Their variety captivates and leaves a lasting impression on wedding guests.

  • Vintage and Antique Boxes

    For those enamored with nostalgia, vintage and antique engagement ring boxes hold special appeal. Authentic vintage options can be found in our gallery of designs, while newly crafted boxes with a Vintage aesthetic offer an affordable alternative. Antique-style boxes evoke the allure of the past and are beloved by those who cherish history.

  • Personalized Ring Boxes

    Adding a personal touch to your customized ring box is a heartfelt gesture that celebrates your partner's role in your romantic journey. We offer personalization services, allowing names, special dates, initials, and symbols to be added to the box. Including the proposal question, "Will You Marry Me?" on the box adds a touch of magic to the moment.

Diverse Designs and Options

Engagement ring boxes come in various shapes, sizes, colors, and materials. Geometric shapes, squares, rectangles, octagons, bowls, and ovals are just a few design possibilities. Matching the box's shape to the engagement ring's shape enhances visual harmony.

Materials vary widely, including cardboard, Kraft, cardstock, corrugated, rigid, and any other that our customers can ask for. A cardboard box, for instance, adds an extra layer of allure as your partner gazes through a transparent window sheet at the radiant ring. Intricate decorations like ribbons and braids enhance the box's decorative appeal.

Celebrating Love with Thoughtful Engagement Ring Box

With my box printer, you can explore the diverse world of engagement ring boxes, each capturing a unique facet of your love story. Embrace the journey of selecting the perfect box—one that mirrors your love's elegance, charm, and timelessness.


Why should an engagement ring be in a box?

When you are excited for the most waiting moment of your life, and the presentation is not according to your style, it will create a moment of embarrassment. So to honor the receiver of your love and ring, my box printer suggest multiple design options to make the moment memorable.

Is it affordable to make the custom engagement box?

Yes, it is cost-effective and affordable to order custom ring boxes for your personal need or for your business catering to multiple needs. The boxes will remain with you for a long time.

From where to order the engagement ring box?

Myboxprinter is your destination for ordering multiple-choice designs and styles for engagement ring boxes. they create boxes according to your choice of material, theme, designs, color, and inserts.

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 Review by Correy from Jewels Hub 5 stars review

We received our ring boxes a week ago and sorry I was not able to post earlier. We are very happy with the boxes and these look really good. We will be ordering more of these very soon!