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Enhance the beauty of your precious ornaments with our custom decorative boxes! We expertly made Christmas decoration boxes ensure products’ safety and aesthetic appeal, elevating your Christmas gifts and decorations with our specialized packaging solutions. Packaging experts specialize in creating custom decorative boxes that go beyond mere storage. Our Christmas ornament boxes are carefully designed to highlight both the beauty and sentimentality of your cherished ornaments, reflecting each decoration as an object of significance in your memories. We understand each decorative gift has a special meaning to you - let our packaging reflect this fact. Make your present extra special this holiday season with a special package designed just for you!

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Product Features

Box Style:

Two Piece Simplex Style with dividers, RTE Style with Window

Ornament Boxes Sizes / Dimensions:
  • Standard Size: 4 x 4 x 4 inch
  • 5 x 5 x 5 inch
  • 4.5 x 2.5 x 6.5 inch
  • All Custom Sizes
Print Color Options:

CMYK Full color printing, PMS, Silver or Gold mettalic inks

Paper Options:

18pt, 24pt, 32pt, White Kraft, Brown Kraft & textured Linen stock

Order Quantity:

MOQ: No Minimums, any quantity between 5 to 50,000 units

How do you box ornaments?

Packaging boxes are usually made to fit single ornament or multiple ornaments. To box a single ornament, first wrap them in a tissue paper or put an inert to secure it then put it in a carton. To box multiple ornaments, you will need a divider to put ornaments in place and to stop them from moving around. Usually two piece box is used to box multiple ornaments.

What is the best packaging material for your ornament?

Ornaments are first wrapped in tissue paper or bubble wrape and then are put in a cardboard packaging box. Cardboard is the best material to package ornaments as these are environment friendly and can easly be recycled.

How do you make a Christmas ornament box?

Christmas ornament boxes are made using cardboard sheet. First measure the ornament diameter and add 0.25" in that dimension to leave room for movement. Draw a dieline on the cardboard sheet and then cut it along the die lines. Put the box together by folding along the folding lines and gluing the pasting flap. You may print a full color artwork on the cardboard sheet as well to make it look good. A ribbon can also be added on the box to give it luxury look.

Elegant style and precise protection combine

Our custom jewelry boxes offer the perfect combination of aesthetic beauty and precise protection. Crafted with high-grade materials, they will protect and display your ornaments elegantly for many years to come. Christmas ornament storage boxes provide the ideal home for ornaments of all shapes and sizes!

Open your creativity through customization!

Individualize and express your creativity with our customized decorative boxes! Each box can be fully tailored to accommodate different shapes and sizes of ornaments. With their design, our individual ornament boxes allow you to personalize packaging to suit your collection - whether delicate trinkets or intricate figurines are all protected safely in their boxes. Hence, your ornaments remain beautiful for longer.

Packaging materials and surface treatment options available

Select premium packaging materials, such as strong cardboard, kraft paper, and eco-friendly alternatives, to create ornament packaging with ethical sourcing in mind. Our commitment to sustainability guarantees your ornament packaging will be as pleasant as it is responsible.

Our Christmas ornament packaging boxes demonstrate our dedication to producing visually attractive and environmentally sustainable packages. For added visual appeal, we provide surface treatment options like

  • Glossy/matte laminations
  • Spot UV radiations
  • Embossing and debossing
  • Elegant foilings
Every detail is accurately executed to enhance the overall aesthetic appeal of decorative boxes.

Perfect printing and foiling.

Our cutting-edge printing technology ensures that every intricate detail of your design is faithfully reproduced on ornament packaging boxes, whether vibrant colors or intricate patterns - whether exciting or subtle, your artwork will come to life! Enhance it further with foiling options to add luxury and sophistication that complement the beauty of decorations.

Making lasting impressions

Our expert manufacturers understand the significance of making lasting impressions. The custom decorative boxes go beyond being simply storage units; they're part of your holiday traditions and memories - opening one is sure to heighten their emotional value, turning unpacking an ornament into an exciting experience!

Our firm's commitment to craftsmanship and aesthetic appeal allows us to craft packaging solutions that not only protect but also highlight the beauty of ornaments you cherish. Our Christmas ornament packaging boxes combine art and function in one stunning package that's designed to resonate with you emotionally while emphasizing their brilliance.

Create memories one box at a time:

Explore the magic of Christmas with our ornament storage boxes designed significantly to enliven this holiday season. Each one is an example of our dedication to craftsmanship, chosen specifically to compliment the unique characteristics of your ornaments - delicate glass ornaments, intricate figurines, or whimsical decorations; our boxes can hold them safely while offering aesthetic pleasure - providing your ornaments a spot where they belong in your display case! Christmas ornament storage boxes provide protection while at the same time pleasing aesthetics, so your decorations stay safe while remaining beautifully presented!

Express yourself and show off your artistic side!

As a packaging expert, we believe every decoration tells its own unique tale. Our custom decorative boxes provide you with a space to express yourself creatively while at the same time protecting and securing your valuable ornaments - whether antique heirlooms or contemporary masterpieces! Choose from various sizes, shapes, and designs for our bespoke approach to ornament boxes, ensuring each one fits snugly around them and keeps them visually striking while being secured and visually striking - Our packaging solutions match them all.

Successes that stand out are particularly impressive.

Enhance the appeal of your decorative boxes with our superior finishing options. Choose glossy or matte lamination to add dimension, while our point UV surface highlights specific parts of your design with light and texture playback. For an additional luxurious touch, embossing or elegant foil options add shimmering metallic shine for an eye-catching finish - making your custom decorative boxes truly enjoyable pieces to behold. Our excellent printing quality and careful attention to every detail were hallmarks of excellence for success.

Each ornament tells its own unique tale, and our printing technology ensures every element of its design is faithfully translated onto its packaging. From vibrant hues to intricate patterns, our printing process captures every nuance of your ornaments' essence - our skilled artisans closely inspect every box to ensure the print matches up perfectly with what you have imagined!

Give Experience Emotional Unlocking

At myboxprinter, we understand that opening a box can bring back fond memories and spark excitement and anticipation for the holidays. That is why our custom trinket boxes have been designed to enhance this experience and add excitement and anticipation - with meticulous craftsmanship, premium materials, and unveiling your precious ornaments all coming together for a historic moment.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Are these ornament boxes adaptable for different-sized ornaments?
Absolutely! Our custom ornament boxes are fully configurable, allowing you to choose sizes that perfectly accommodate your ornaments - delicate glass or larger decorative pieces. We will ensure a secure and snug fit.
Which finishing options are available for decorative boxes?
Our facility offers various finishing options that add aesthetic value and help create lasting memories - from glossy or matte lamination, spot UV treatments, foiling, and embossing to glossy or matte lamination and spot UV treatments. All these choices add up to make an impressive piece that stands out. Besides that, you can ask for the decorations on these boxes, like ribbons, cards, or some pleasant ornaments.
Can I incorporate my artwork and designs into the ornament boxes?
A3: Certainly! Our state-of-the-art printing technology ensures your artwork and designs are faithfully reproduced onto the ornament boxes. Your creative vision will come to life with impeccable precision, making your packaging truly unique.

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