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Your product packaging is something that will produce tons of various perceptions of your cosmetic products. In the context of nail polish especially, you would like to think about one thing; these products are colorful, and therefore, you need to wrap them in colorful, trendy nail polish boxes to hit the market.These colorful nail polish packaging boxes will help you to convince your targeted customers within minutes!
Our Nail Polish boxes comes in single pack, 2 pack, 3 pack and 6 pack pieces. Custom full color printing along with quality stiff paperboard makes these boxes one of the best in market. MOQ is as low as 25 or 50.

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Product Features

Box Style:

RTE - Reverse Tuck End, Two Piece with top and bottom lid, sleeve and try styles

Nail Polish Boxes Sizes / Dimensions:
  • Standard Size: 1.375 x 1.375 x 3.375 inch
  • 2.625 x 1.375 x 3.375 inch
  • 3.875 x 1.375 x 3.375 inch
  • 7.625 x 1.375 x 3.375 inch
  • All Custom Sizes
Print Color Options:

CMYK Full color printing, PMS, Silver or Gold mettalic inks

Paper Options:

18pt, 24pt, 32pt, White Kraft, Brown Kraft & textured Linen stock

Order Quantity:

MOQ: No Minimums, any quantity between 5 to 50,000 units

How do you package nail polish?

Most of the nail polish bottles / containers are made out of glass, so it is necessary to protect them from damage. Cardboard boxes are the best option for packaging nail polish bottles because it protects them from damage and a window on the box can also be added for bottle preview. Boxes are usually printed with name of the product, company logo, expiration date along with barcode and any other product relevant information. Foam or cardboard inserts can also be used to put inside boxes for extra protection.

How do you wrap nail polish as a gift?

Nail polish gift boxes are used to package / wrap nail polishes as a gift item. These luxury gift boxes are usually made out of rigid material with lots of decoration on the boxes to impress the receiver. Ribbons are also used on these boxes to give it an extra luxury look.

How to pack nail polishes for shipping?

Below are the packaging instructions to ship nail polishes to end user.

  • Clean the nail polish bottle properly.
  • Put the nail polish inside a cardboard product box.
  • Wrap the product box with bubble wrap individually for extra protection.
  • Put the bubble wrapped package inside an outer shipping carton. The shipping carton should be bigger than the inner product box.
  • Fill the extra space left in the shipping carton with packaging fillers.
  • Close the shipping carton with tape properly and Label the shipping carton.
What are the benefits of nail polish boxes?

Branding and protection are the top benefits of nail polish boxes. Company logo along with other brand information is printed on the boxes to promote brand awareness and makes product more catchy for customers. Cardboard boxes protects nail polish bottles from damage during shipping. Investment in nail polish boxes is must to imporve and promote your nail polish business. These custom boxes can help you a lot to increase sales, boost customer satisfaction, and increase brand loyalty.

What is the regular size of nail polish box?

Size of a standard .5 oz. nail polish bottle is 1.25"x1.25"x3.25". The box is made slightly bigger than the bottle for easy packaging of the bottle. Below are the sizes of a nail polish bottle packaging.

  • Single Pack: 1.375" x 1.375" x 3.375"
  • Two Pack: 2.625" x 1.375" x 3.375"
  • Three Pack: 3.875" x 1.375" x 3.375"
  • Six Pack: 7.625" x 1.375" x 3.375"

Custom Nail Polish Boxes Wholesale, Best for your Product

My Box Printer provides custom nail polish boxes to secure your nail products from glass breakage as well as adds charm and refinement to the product. Order boxes of various sizes to encase nail products and fascinate your customers with elegant packaging of nail polish.

Nail polish improves nail health and gives a significant boost to the beauty of nails by conditioning and strengthening them. Nail products packaged in lovely nail polish boxes wholesale make the purchasers stop and glance for a moment. Nail polish liquor is stored in a glass bottle that needs protection, so expertise is required to make the nail polish boxes. My Box Printer has designed nail polish boxes in different sizes, colors, and shapes with the best printing quality. These boxes are easy to handle and stores nail products expeditiously. We have the dedication to deliver the best nail polish boxes on time according to your needs, which will assist you in promoting your products. We provide:

Quality control: We take great care of quality control as we use diverse types of materials in the creation of these custom nail polish boxes. These boxes are eco-friendly and recyclable with high durability.

Cost-effective: My Box Printer is providing cost-effective boxes for your nail products with high-quality printing and theme. We are bringing the latest designs with different colors and shimmer at low prices.

Choices of styles: We provide a gallery of designs to our clients so that he can pick according to his product. The client can also offer us specifications for the boxes, and we provide them with what they exactly need.

My Box Printer is passionate to serve the customers with quality packaging and high technology printing and chic style. Why to go here and there? After all we can serve your needs in the best satisfying manner. Order now to get the glamorous nail polish packaging low minimum at affordable rates.

Use the Trendy Packaging to Hit the Market

We all know that nail polish is one of the cosmetic items used by ladies on a daily basis. If you are doing business in the cosmetics market industry, then you surely recognize that this liquid product needs a wonderful and sturdy nail polish packaging to cover and protect it from any potential damages. Well, no customer would purchase a nail polish that leaking throughout the packaging.

Your Nail Polish Packaging Boxes Play a Crucial Role to Spice Up Your Sales

My Box Printer offers the most effective resolution for you to prompt each wonderful quality and sturdiness in your custom nail polish packaging.

Even though most females had enhanced their basic and be compelled to have a variation of nail colorize in their makeup box, yet, it is obvious that those females would simply get drawn to purchase your nail polish products if they could see the enticing packaging. On the other hand, do not expect an excessive amount if your packaging is not as enticing as you wish it to be. This is exactly where your nail polish packaging boxes play a crucial role to spice up your sales.

Present Your Elegant, Luxurious Nail Polish Products

Well, now you could get rid of all of your worries on whether or not you would be able to contend within the market of cosmetics or not. By trusting your tailor-made packaging boxes to My Box Printer, our talented graphic designers will assist you to unleash all those worries, and come up with a beautiful nail polish packaging low minimum to support your business.

At My Box Printer, you could create and present your elegant, luxurious nail polish products by displaying them in the best packaging you desired to. Remember, there is nothing that could be more appealing than the first impression, and this might be what specifically your nail polish box can do best for you. Made of premium quality materials, these boxes can be added with a beautiful finishing touch to add more glam. Using the latest digital printing technology, we would help you to make brand recognition by printing your stunning logo on the box nail polish.

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