About MyBoxPrinter.com

MyBoxPrinter.com was founded with a mission to provide quality custom printed boxes at low price and ease of ordering online. Our company has streamlined its processes to reduce the setup costs. Small business benifits a lot from us because of the low setup costs. Usually short run print orders are very expensive because of setup costs but at myboxprinter.com, we have very low setup costs.

MyBoxPrinter.com Mission

  • Quality Customized boxes at low price
  • Support Small businesses by reducing the Setup Costs for Short Runs
  • Great Customer Support
  • Myboxprinter.com is the biggest custom box printing company in the US and we produce boxes from scratch to finishing in house. We have heidelberg 6 color machines and every process of our printing is automatic and in-house. We have streamlined our processes in such a way that we are successfully able to reduce the setup cost which benifits a lot to the small business. Professional printing is a lot expenisve for short runs due to huge setup costs and is not affordable for SOHOs.

    The History of MyBoxPrinter.com

    The name of our company was chosen with a philosphy of long term relationship. We serve our customers in a way that they come back to us and treat us as their print source for every print job. We build strong ties with our clients during the order process and post order process. We wanted our customers to refer us as their printer for box printing and other print jobs. For last 3 years we worked very hard to achieve that and have hunderds of satisifed customers those come back to us every time they require a print job.

    We totally believe in customer service and to build relationships with our clients. Our clients are our assets and we do everything to keep them happy. We assign personal service representatives to each our corporate clients who understands each and every requirement of their assigned client which makes them happy!

    5065 NW 74th Ave.
    Miami, FL 33166