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Boxes are Made In USA    Compostable Boxes, leaves no visible or toxic residue    Boxes are recycleable and recycled under some recycling programs

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Cosmetic Products cannot be sold without proper packaging. Online retailers like Amazon require proper Cosmetic Boxes to approve a product. We are Amazon certified Cosmetic Box Production factory in NY and have knowledge to deliver best Packaging with custom printing!

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Product Features

Box Style:

RTE - Reverse Tuck End, STE - Straight Tuck End and Tuck Top Auto Bottom Styles

Custom Cosmetic Boxes Sizes / Dimensions:
  • Standard Size: 1.5 x 1.5 x 4.5 inch
  • 1.25 x 1.25 x 3.75
  • 0.75 x 0.75 x 1.75
  • All Custom Sizes
Print Color Options:

CMYK Full color printing, PMS, Silver or Gold mettalic inks

Paper Options:

18pt, 24pt, 32pt, White Kraft, Brown Kraft & textured Linen stock

Order Quantity:

MOQ: No Minimums, any quantity between 5 to 50,000 units

What is a cosmetic box?

Cosmetic boxes are made out of cardboard stock and are used to secure and package beauty products, medical products and other beauty / cosmetic related products. These boxes are designed in a way to protect the inside product either by additional innovative inside insert or liners. Box construction is kept simple to expedite product packaging using automatic machine.

Why are cosmetic boxes important?

Cosmetic boxes are very important part of online or on-store selling of cosmetic or beauty products. These boxes not only protect the product inside, it also offers innovative product presentation and gives luxury look to the product which can be trusted. Cosmetic boxes are also a must have requirement for lots of online retail stores like Amazon.

What is the best packaging for cosmetics?

Paper board packaging is considered to be the best packaging solution for most of the cosmetic products because of their eco-friendly nature and sustainability. These are less expensive than plastic or other materials and are best for delivering marketing message to end user.

Are cosmetic boxes recyclable?

Yes, cosmetic boxes are made out of paper board stock which is 100% recyclable, biodegradable and eco-friendly.

How do you package cosmetic products?

Cosmetic products are first packaged in cosmetic containers and then those containers are packaged into cardboard boxes with color printing. These boxes are then wrapped with bubble wrap and put inside an outer shipping carton for shipping purpose.

Cosmetic Packaging Boxes

My Box Printer offers a wide range of custom cosmetic boxes to encase your makeup collection because to surge the brand's reputation; it's incredibly essential to grab customer's attention. Give your products outer case a glamorous look by our cosmetic boxes and highlight your dedication.

Ladies of all the age, love to have makeup and other beauty products and most of the time they buy those products whose covers attract them. But are you concerned about how your business products attract the customers? No worries at all! My Box Printer is here to serve all your Cosmetic Packaging boxes requirements and stands out from all other competitors in printing and packaging unique designs and colors. We are offering:

  • Impressive Printing: Our digital art provides you the most exceptional printing by using qualitative materials and inks through our groundbreaking printing technologies.
  • Fast Turnaround: We have a facility for our customers to get boxes on the same day, and we make sure to print the boxes before the deadlines. We also offer free delivery across the US and Canada and on minimal rates across other regions.
  • 24/7 customer support: You are welcome on our customer portal; the professional team of designers is always accessible to reply to your inquiries and provide free consultations.
  • Premium designs: Convince your customers in a glance by having classy looks of your cosmetic boxes in different shapes and designs, either uni-themed or multi-themed.
  • Environment-Friendly Packaging: We aim to make environment pollution free, that's why we make 100% biodegradable packaging boxes.

All of the companies are offering similar products, but what makes them different is out-class and super unique cosmetic boxes that affect the customers buying decision. Get fascinating cosmetic boxes and marvelous packaging from My Box Printer, to earn positive customer feedback and boost your business.

Cosmetic boxes are specially designed boxed that are crafted to fit a variety of cosmetic products to keep them safe, well organized and properly displayed. A lot of cosmetic brands make use of different kinds of cosmetic boxes to package their products and ship off to their customers. Also, many makeup/skincare lovers purchase cosmetic boxes to store all their different products to keep them in one place for easy access.

Cosmetic boxes come in a variety of designs and shapes, all fitted to accommodate a wide range of products from skincare, makeup and sometimes even perfumes. They are also very strong and durable enough to carry cosmetic products regardless of how fragile they may be. Well-designed cosmetic boxes also help your brand stand out from the crowd and will always attract new customers to your product.

So, do you own a cosmetic brand? Tired of shipping out your amazing products in plain, old packaging that takes away the beauty of your product and brand? Well, we at MY Box Printer totally understand your predicament and we are here to help.

We create cosmetic boxes in a variety of shapes and sizes for different kinds of products. When it comes to cosmetics, we understand the need for high-quality packaging material so as not to compromise the integrity of your product and this is why our boxes are only made with the finest materials and the best conditions.

Cosmetic Boxes, How we do it

At My Box Printer, nothing matters to us more than total and individual customer satisfaction. This is the main reason why we cannot use one formula to provide boxing solutions for all our clients. Our experts will take the time to fully understand your needs and the vision you have for your Cosmetic Boxes and ensure your specifications are completely followed with zero errors.

Why Our Cosmetic Packaging Stand Out

We stand out of the crowd for a variety of reasons, some of which are our state-of-the-art equipment that give us the best products, our timely deliveries, top-notch customer care and our environmentally-friendly designs.

When it comes to your products, the packaging will go a long way to attract potential buyers and even encourage them to buy. Using trendy, simple and classy Cosmetic packaging is definitely a shoo-in to attracting and keeping clients and we at MY Box Printer want all our customers to achieve this and more.

So, if you want to launch your cosmetic brand or thinking of rebranding the visuals of your business, MY Box Printer will give you amazing packaging that will definitely set you apart from the competition in your niche. When you think of classy and stunning cosmetic boxes, think of MY Box Printer!

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 Review by Ethan from Velvet Cosmetics 5 stars review

We received our Face Cream boxes and I am very excited! Our product will look great in these boxes. Thanks!