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Essential Oil Box remains in great demand. These excellent boxes can be made use of as an advertising and marketing device that helps you build your brand name. Essential oils call for severe care while keeping and also delivering. To prevent the leakage of essential oils it is extremely essential to give special interest to the essential oil packaging. Essential oils are trending in global markets, thanks to the new-found popularity of organic healthcare. The tiny oil bottles are sold inside sturdy box packaging that keeps them safe. Luckily, My Box Printer has a fantastic range of these custom essential oil boxes, too! They are fully customizable and affordable, making for the perfect packaging choice.

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Product Features

Box Style:

Tuck end boxes, Roll end tuck top and Two Piece Rigid Style Boxes

Essential Oil Box Sizes / Dimensions:
  • 4.25 x 5 x 1.25 inch, 8 oils set
  • 3 x 1.25 x 1.25 inch
  • All Custom Sizes
Print Color Options:

CMYK Full color printing, PMS, Silver or Gold mettalic inks

Paper Options:

18pt, 24pt, 32pt, White Kraft, Brown Kraft & textured Linen stock

Order Quantity:

MOQ: No Minimums, any quantity between 5 to 50,000 units

How Can Our Essential Oil Boxes Enhance Your Customers’ Experience?

Our custom-crafted essential oil subscription box turns the act of unboxing into a luxury. It emphasizes the premium nature of the product and heightens the anticipation of product liking on the shelf.

Can The Essential Oil Boxes Be Customized To Reflect My Brand Identity?

We offer every inch of custom options from material to design selection to finishing. We ask for the details, and until the customer is satisfied, we don’t send the boxes to the production line. We make sure that your packaging is a true reflection of your brand's ethos.

What Materials Are Taken for Making The Essential Oil Boxes?

We use the best materials that are according to your brand ethos and reflect your environmentally friendly approach. These materials are eco-friendly and sustainable. We use cardboard, cardstock, kraft, and corrugated material of the best quality.

Are Your Essential Oil Boxes Ready To Be Used?

Yes, these are ready to be used as soon as you receive them on your doorstep. You just need to put products in them and make them ready for marketing. We ensure that they capture consumers' attention with their design and brand details.

Custom Essential Oil Boxes

Essential oils are concentrated essences derived straight from an organic source, like Tea Tree or orange. These power-packed essences are found in oil form extracts and have a fantastic range of desirable qualities.

Why Are Essential Oils Important?

Each essential oil flavor has a different purpose; chamomile has a calming effect, lavender is excellent for alleviating cramps, and tea tree combat harmful bacteria. We use these oils to help with general ailments, like headaches, fatigue, and insomnia. Using them has virtually no side effects, which is what makes them so accessible.

Keeping the Glass Vials Safe:

Essential oils come packaged in small glass bottles or vials to help keep them sterile and free of pathogens. At My Box Printer, we understand the importance of excellent packaging, which is why we provide top quality, sturdy essential oil boxes. Our essential oil boxes are customized to fit the bottle snugly, so it doesn't accidentally tip over and shatter. Team up with My Box Printer for foolproof essential oil boxes. The packaging doesn't get much better than this!

New Flavor, New Bottle!

It's only right to have different essential oil boxes for different flavors because it makes it easier to spot the flavor on a cluttered store shelf. My Box Printer offers the option to customize each box according to the desired flavor so that every bottle you pack has a unique packaging that will stand out in a crowd.

Help Your Business Stand Out With a Particular Packaging Style

All of us here at My Box Printer provide the packaging services for essential oils. It is not trouble currently if you are selecting it for personal usage or wish to offer it to a person, you can select a variety of designs of essential oil packaging.

Our wholesale essential oil boxes are also great to use as they supplyy the resilience that lasts longer. We make sure that the bottle or vessel bring your essential oil should be protected throughout shipment. Besides durability, our layouts are functional. You can select a selection of layouts of the product packaging boxes. We also, likewise, supply the solutions for the personalized development of these product packaging boxes.

As the consumers will certainly learn more about safety and security repair inside the box, they will truly be discovering your product to be a lot high-quality and also having a remarkable tough. You can also get these awesome essential oil boxes low moq to help your business stand out with a particular packaging style, designing, or shade variants for targeting more customers in the direction of your product. You can ask our professional graphic designers to include your custom packaging boxes with the printing of your company logo along with detail end information, as well as some relevant methods to convince the buyers.

Bring a "Wow" Impression for Your Products and Brand

Hence, personalized essential oil boxes are currently readily available in different colors and styling variants. On the other hand, if you choose an item packaging with great creativity, your need to be getting in touch with a reliable packaging service provider such as My Box Printer to come up with the logo printing according to your imaginations and ideas. As a result, these boxes will let your essential oil to come to be the favorite one for everyone who is searching for your item. Indeed, if you want to succeed, you should seek the perfect boxes that are completely enhancing your essential oils that bring a "wow" impression to your products and brand.

Custom Essential Oil Packaging Is Your Brand Elegance.

Discover the height of luxury and safety with the help of our custom-made essential oil boxes. Crafted from premium materials, our boxes serve to both safeguard your elixirs and enchant the senses, elevating the process of opening them into a delightful ritual. The exquisite presentation of each container is a reflection of the complicated and high-quality essential oils housed within. A lot of care and attention to detail went into getting this finish.

Material and Printing:

We employ state-of-the-art printing technology to make your brand's colors pop. Using only eco-friendly inks, we produce crisp, colorful images and text that stands out. To create a genuine connection between your product and the buyer, we took into account the materials' sustainability, durability, and tactile appeal.

Careful attention to detail in the finishing touches shows how seriously we take the quality of our boxes. Pick a glossy finish for a striking contrast, a matte finish for subtle elegance, or a soft touch finish for a sensual experience. Use foil stamping or embossing to take your brand's presentation to the next level.

From A Marketing Standpoint:

We designed our packaging with advertising and protection in mind. Every box is a walking billboard for your business, thanks to the care and attention to detail that went into its creation. Our elegant and promising packaging will help your essential oil product stand out from the crowd.


With their durable build and gorgeous appearance, our essential oil boxes are meticulously made to fascinate the moment you lay your eyes on them. Protecting the bottles from damage while highlighting the goods is the goal of the inside design. What you see on the surface is exactly what you get on the inside: kind, outgoing, and devoted.

Shine Brightly With High-Quality Presentation

Learn how to find the one. Every drop of the essential oils you've painstakingly created has a story to tell. Allow us to present your works of art in a state of utter splendor with our exquisitely designed custom essential oil box. We get that your product is more than a commodity; it's an experience. Because of this, we make sure that the haven of your oils is as safe, sophisticated, and ecologically conscious as they are.

Feel the Difference

Imagine your customers feeling the smooth, rich texture of the box before they even glimpse the treasure inside. Our materials aren't just chosen for durability; they are a tactile invitation to engage with your brand. The weight, the warmth, the finish - every aspect is a silent dialogue between you and your customer.

Visual Splendor

Your brand story is unique, and so should be its visual expression. Through advanced printing techniques and vibrant, eco-friendly inks, we bring your brand to life. The crispness of the image, the depth of the colors, and the precision of the text - all come together to create a visual symphony that sings your essence.

Sustainable Sophistication

You care about the planet, and so do we. Your essential oil storage box is not just a feast for the eyes but a commitment to environmental stewardship. Our crafted boxes are recyclable and designed with eco-friendly ink. This is our step forward to a greener world where the environment will not be in danger or threatened. So, we fulfill our commitment to the environment.

We Give Your Brand A Story

Our box for storage essential oils can give your brand a story to reveal on the shelf. These boxes can be transformed where the quality of the product is assessed through mere packaging. Our packaging boxes guarantee that this is nothing short of magic for branding and marketing, where people pick your oils while looking at the presentation. We give every inch of detail to design and manufacturing to resonate with your marketing perspective. These boxes are the prologue of your product story.

Think of it as an opportunity and call Box Printer; our customer representative will answer your questions and give you the best solutions.

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 Review by Kimber Kyan from NYC 5 stars review

Our essential oil boxes turned out beautiful. The colors were great!

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Just wanted to say thanks for great service!

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 Review by Caydence from California 5 stars review

We love the boxes we received yesterday from UPS. Will be ordering new batch very soon!