It is not a surprising fact that custom boxes today are more important than ever before. With thousands of retailers out there, how do you differentiate your brand from the rest? Sure, you might have awesome products, but if your packaging boxes are lackluster, you probably would not see your products flying off the shelf. Presentation matters, whether in a physical store or dropped off on a customer’s front door. So, how to design the most attractive custom retail packaging boxes that will enchant your customers?

Focus on Your Brand Identity

Your packaging design needs to represent you and what makes your company special. First of all, you need a clear idea about what your brand identity is. Without it, you just end up being another faceless company trying to sell something. Surely you don’t want to do that. Before you dive head into custom boxes and branded packaging, start finding your brand identity to make your custom retail packaging as a perfect brand ambassador.

Place Your Logo

Perhaps the most important design element for your packaging to be recognized is your logo. Your logo should be easily identifiable, and of course, set you apart from your competitors. Start by placing your logo on the outside of your retail boxes with digitally printing it will deliver a more professional look for your brand itself.

Use Unique Pattern

A unique pattern is a good way to add interest to your packaging design. You could try out a trendy pattern for a youthful look or an elegant one for an exclusive look. Remember, don’t be afraid to get creative with your design. Check out what your competition is up to, to figure out what is really working and booming. You obviously don’t want to patently copy anyone, but it is always a good way to get the creative juices rolling.

Play with Colors

Colors are another way to advertise your brand identity, induce a certain mood, and enhance the overall design of your packaging. Your customers could catch and feel different emotions, depending on the colors you choose to use. For instance, yellow is believed to make people happy, while blue is thought to be calming. So, you need to think about what you want them to feel when they see your packaging boxes.

Decide What You Want To Be Visible On Your Boxes

You also need to decide if your retail boxes are going to sit on a shelf or go through the mail. Then, take it in your situation, what components of your brand need to be seen the moment customers reach your boxes?

With e-commerce retail, you know your customer is going to open the box. This is why you need to let them know what’s inside and what to expect. So, it’s less imperative to include every piece of information you want them to know on the outside. Consider using:

  • A noticeable logo that stands out against the background
  • Specific brand colors, fonts, and messaging
  • A short quote or personal message

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For each product you wish to introduce, you need a different box for it. For example, candle boxes surely have different specifications with cigarette boxes. This is why customized retail boxes will be the best and attractive solutions to appeal to your customers.

How to Design the Most Attractive Custom Retail Packaging Boxes
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