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Tobacco packaging is one of the difficult in the market because it takes a lot of effort and time to package cigarette boxes. With 20 years of packaging experience behind us, we have developed an innovative custom cigarette boxes to package CBD tobacco related products. These packaging boxes are very easy to assemble and does not even require a machine to assemble these. Our package boxes comes 90% assembled and ships flat and require minimum effort to package. Order today or request Free samples to test these!

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Product Features

Box Style:

Tuck top with pasted bottom along with pasted insert inside

Cigarette Boxes Sizes / Dimensions:
  • 3.5 x 2.25 x 1.125 inch
  • 4.25 x 3.25 x 1.125 inch
  • All Custom Sizes
Print Color Options:

CMYK Full color printing, PMS, Silver or Gold mettalic inks

Paper Options:

18pt, 24pt, 32pt, White Kraft, Brown Kraft & textured Linen stock

Order Quantity:

MOQ: No Minimums, any quantity between 5 to 50,000 units

What is the size of a cigarette box?

The standard cigarette box size is 3-1/2" x 2-1/4" x 1-1/8".

What Is Your Minimum Order Quantity (Moq) For Cigarette Boxes?

We offer no limit on orders. You can give us a minimum of 100 boxes to 5000 boxes at a time.

What Are The Finishing Options For Cigarette Boxes?

These are:

  • Lamination.
  • Aqueous Coating.
  • Spot Varnish: A shiny coating applied to specific areas to highlight them, like your logo or a special design element.
What Are The Embossing And Debossing Options For Cigarette Boxes?

Embossing: A raised design created by pressing the paper into a mold. It adds a luxurious, tactile feel.

Debossing: The opposite of embossing, creating an indented design. It's often used for logos or subtle patterns, like Marlboro cigarette boxes.

How Long Does It Take To Create Cigarette Boxes After You Approve The Final Design?

It takes us only a short time to place your order. We only require time for your approval and customization. After that, we start our production. However, it takes 6-8 working days.

Custom Cigarette Boxes That Meet Your Needs

If you're a cigarette manufacturer, then it's time to give your customers another reason to prefer your brand. Did you know that cigarette boxes are also a determinant of what brand, people want to go for? For instance, a person who's always on the move would most likely want a cigarette box that is compact and durable. This is important because it means they can easily carry the box in their jackets, anywhere they go. Another reason why a good cigarette box is important is that it preserves the content well, making it fresh every time.

For many years now, our company has made custom cigarette boxes that meet people's needs. This is primarily because we see beyond the common reasons why cigarettes are put in boxes. Our style of production focuses on more elements than one, hence the reason why we can create boxes that anyone would love. Since companies acknowledge that this is essential for their business, they have not stopped coming back to us.

Why Choose Cigarette Packaging Boxes from My Box Printer?

As a company tradition, My Box Printer focuses on the following important elements in ensuring that quality cigarette boxes wholesale are delivered at all times:

Material Quality

The quality of the materials used for making the cigarette packaging boxes directly impacts on how durable the boxes would be. We understand how this affects your marketing, and we're ever ready to always comply with the material standard rules. Considering our many years of participation and experience in box material procurement, we know what qualities are obtainable. Hence, we can give you all the information you need in making your choice of the desired material. Ultimately, we want you to be proud of what we can offer you.

Overall Costs and Pricing

Every business wants to beat down costs and be economical enough. This is reasonable because there's always the possibility of production costs eating deeply into company profits. In order to ensure that companies don't spend excessively in cigarette box production, we play our own roles as much as we can.

For instance, when cigarette companies contact us, we may negotiate with our top suppliers to provide box materials at discounted prices. We also ensure that the price discounts are not a reason for suppliers to compromise on material quality. These are some of the advantages that come to our clients each time.

Get the Best Design Print for Your Cigarette Pack!

At the My Box Printer company, we always want to be rightly innovative when it comes to designs. This is why we're not always quick to just adopt any existing design patterns for your cigarette box printing. We experiment the right way, with the ultimate goal aimed at ensuring that the solutions created are worth showing to the world. You can also design your own cigarette pack and send us to have it printed!

Enhance The Prestige Of Your Brand With Enchanting And Exclusive Cigarette Boxes

Cigarette cases are more than mere packaging in the cigarette industry, where branding is paramount; they serve as a silent ambassador, a platform to tell your story, and a potent instrument to engross your audience. The Myboxprinter team is well-versed in the enchantment of custom cigarette boxes and is prepared to assist you in the process of creating a work of art. These are perfect marketing and branding tools on a minimum budget. show your products on a shelf that distinguish themselves.

Our Boxes Are The Branding Guru For You

The era of generic, forgettable packaging has passed. Contemporary smokers have an affinity for uniqueness; thus, custom cigarette cases are necessary. Consider a scenario where your brand's logo animates across a vibrantly colored canvas adorned with intricate patterns or perhaps a clever tagline that ignites dialogue rather than a plain cardboard casing. The potential for outcomes is boundless, and the influence is indisputable.

The Importance Of Custom Boxes

Government warnings notwithstanding, cigarettes continue to be a cultural phenomenon, for better or worse. They represent sophistication, defiance, or a simple, reassuring ritual for many. Your packaging must accordingly reflect this. The exquisitely crafted custom cigarette boxes are expressive tools for the consumer, serving as a visual declaration that conveys much without explicit language.

However, there is more! Custom boxes represent a strategic investment in the success of your brand, not merely an aesthetic consideration. The following is why:

  • Amidst a sea of uniformity, your distinctive packaging will captivate interest and create an enduring impact.
  • Enhance Brand Recognition: With each individual retrieving your box, they inadvertently strengthen the perception of your brand.
  • Enhanced Perception: The elevated perceived value of your brand is a result of the breathtaking designs and high-quality materials, which attract a more discerning clientele.
  • Narrative Influence: Employ your packaging as a means to narrate the story of your brand, elicit emotional responses, and establish a more profound connection with consumers.

The Shape Of Desire:

Similar to dispenser boxes, cigarette boxes are available in two fundamental shapes: the traditional rectangle featuring a hinged closure and the book-style box featuring an opening resembling a book. Although both provide sufficient room for how many boxes of cigarettes in a carton, the book-style box emanates an air of luxury and is an ideal choice for a gift.

A Design That Differs:

Abandon the days of garish shades and generic patterns. Contemporary cigarette box designs prioritize individualization and ingenuity. Contemplate unconventionally (pun intended)! Permit your imagination to flourish by:

  • Sophisticated minimalism: Clean lines, geometric patterns, and monochromatic color schemes exude an air of elegance.
  • Bold and vibrant: Make a statement with eye-catching colors, playful typography, and unexpected design elements.
  • Vintage charm: Tap into the nostalgia of retro aesthetics with classic fonts, muted colors, and subtle textures.
  • Window to the soul: The quality of your cigarettes can be expressed through the strategic placement of die-cut windows.

There is no detail that is too small:

Everything about your cigarette box, from the paper you select to the printing method, should reflect the personality of your brand. We exclusively employ premium materials, which comprise:

  • Eco-friendly cardboard: Your brand should reflect the importance you place on sustainability.
  • Long-lasting cardstock guarantees that your cigarettes remain protected and fresh.
  • High-quality inks: When it comes to ensuring the utmost safety, even for a cigarette box, nothing is more important.

Printing Options That Pops

We believe in the ability of state-of-the-art printing technology to demonstrate your designs in vivid color. To that end, we provide:

  • Digital printing: this printing offers precise, high-resolution production with bright and elaborate colors on packaging boxes.
  • Screen printing: this type of printing gives your design a textured appearance.

Here's a classification of our customization of wholesale cigarette boxes for more clarity:

Dimensions & Style:

Custom Sizes and Shapes: Your cigarette boxes can be distinctive as they appear in the market. whether it takes the form of a traditional rectangle, a whimsical circle, or something entirely surprising, we give your boxes a distinctive look.

Materia choices:
  • Cardstock:
  • cardstock paper
  • Eco-Friendly Kraft
  • kraft paper
  • Corrugated Cardboard
  • CMYK: This stands for Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Key (Black). It's the standard color printing process used for most full-color designs.
  • PMS: This stands for Pantone Matching System, a way to ensure exact color matching for specific brand colors.
  • No Printing (Plain): Sometimes, a simple, unprinted box is all you need to let your product shine.
  • Foil Printing: A metallic foil is applied to create a shiny, eye-catching effect on cigarette box.
Extra Options:
  • Die Cutting
  • Perforation

Our Turnaround Time:

We offer 6-8 working days for your order, from detail to custom orders, without burdened by how much are a box of cigarettes to our customers.

Contact our design team to discuss your custom cigarette box concept or peruse our extensive collection of pre-designed cigarette box templates on our website today. Our objective is to assist you in transforming your cigarette boxes into brand ambassadors that leave a lasting impact.

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Boxes Review 1
 Review by Jayden from Miami 5 stars review

Nice boxes and the matte finish really looks great! Thanks for your hardwork!

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 Review by Nathaniel from NYC 5 stars review

Just wanted to say, we got our boxes right on time and these are beautiful!

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 Review by Carson from California 5 stars review

We are very satisfied with our recent order of CBD cigarette boxes! Thanks a lot!