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Boxes are Made In USA    Compostable Boxes, leaves no visible or toxic residue    Boxes are recycleable and recycled under some recycling programs

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These durable and high-grade custom candle boxes are very important to keep them from dissolving. More than that, this candle packaging is the perfect one to enhance your brand image as well. Furnishing your homes with candles is one of the optimum modes to complement balminess and a contented atmosphere of your setting. Seamless packaging can earn fame for your brand in the market. Extravagant custom printed candle boxes from My Box printer can make these candles a chef-d'oeuvre, segregating it from all other brand's products.

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Size For Custom Candle Boxes (in inches):

Custom Candle Boxes Features

Box Style:

Available in tuck top & auto bottom, Roll end Tuck Top and Tuck end style STE

Size / Dimensions:

Standard Size 3.2x3.9x3.2 inch, Also available in all custom sizes

Print Color Options:

CMYK Full color printing, PMS, Silver or Gold mettalic inks

Paper Options:

18pt, 24pt, 32pt, White Kraft, Brown Kraft & textured Linen stock

Order Quantity:

MOQ: No Minimums, any quantity between 5 to 50,000 units

candle packaging boxes wholesale

Candles are allied to aromatherapy, benefit you to deal with apprehension, stress, and hopelessness, and these candles can make you sense to relax and keyed up, buzz your temperament, and lessen fear. Nonetheless, some candles are made up of paraffin wax, which releases cancer-causing chemicals, and continuous gulping of these lethal chemicals can also cause numerous respiratory diseases like asthma. However, substitutes of these candles are accessible in the market, so patrons have to pick flawless products with non-toxic ingredients.

Electrifying candle boxes can serve as gift boxes

Candle packaging boxes, with the creative guise, can also assist in awarding the presents to your loved ones on happy occasions. My Box printer creates extravagance packaging, which bounces a gorgeous look as well as sanctuaries flimsiness of the candles. Jazzy boxes with unalike colorants are popular with all age groups. You can order candle boxes in different sizes and shapes conferring to your wishes with the superlative lamination, printing, and UV coating.

Opt a leitmotif for your brand

My Box printer offers aromatic, floating, thematic, and tint candle packaging boxes wholesale. Candles exhibited in these lucrative and shimmering boxes make an enduring and worthwhile imprint on the clienteles. Accumulating accessories like bows, flowers, and ribbons counterpart the worth of these packaging. Beguiling images and elegant themes add vivacity to the boxes, so people try to personalize their festive with floating candles swathed in spectacular boxes.

Top turnaround times

Looking for a mesmeric packaging for your products? My Box printer has confidence in easing its regulars in every feasible way. From conniving to dazzling boxes to providing online chat amenities, we desire to assist you with the unsurpassed services and take the version of your penchants. Our connoisseurs make sure to opportune production of your customized boxes, after manufacturing and printing, innocuous shipment is made at your doorstep.

A Premium Appearance for Your Candle Products

Candle lights are an icon of light that informs our lives and all types of candle lights require packaging. People make use of candles at various celebrations like celebrations, birthday celebration parties, weddings, and more. In addition, they are in trend now. But to make them long-lasting, your brand needs splendid wholesale candle boxes like the kind of product packaging that can secure them from ecological damage.

By working along with My Box Printer, you get all you require. Yet are you still trying to find packaging that offers a premium appearance but is budget-friendly too? Bingo! You are exactly where you need to be. Why? At My Box Printer, we offer all kinds of luxury candle boxes for our respected. Candles have come to be a huge part of our everyday lives whether as design or lightning. As a result, custom candle packaging is more vital than an item. It enhances value.

Enhance the Elegance of Your Candle Lights

Our company has a well-trained team and highly expert designers that provide unique candle packaging boxes that assist in making your item stick out in the marketplace. Moreover, we provide candle product packaging in all shapes and sizes. All you need to do is to tell us about the dimensions. We will supply you with the best candle boxes wholesale that will perfectly fit your candles and enhance the elegance of your candle lights. Wonderful as well as stylish product packaging is essential for the candle lights that nobody can disregard.

Additionally, a good check out candle packaging wholesale constructs a brand. Building a brand means brand loyalty. This separates the label. It is a support to customers if the product packaging is distinct. Support means a range of options.

Specifically, single packaging is a prime alternative for your targeted audience and make them buy your products directly. Hence, captivating product packaging makes an item clear, as it elevates the worth. Moreover, your item top quality will be enhanced as it differentiates the packaging from other items.

For this reason, we can say that packaging aids in enhancing sales. In addition, to make them much more lovely as well as appealing, we give a range of custom candle boxes low minimum. Furthermore, you can inform us if you have any kind of idea about the scenic tour mind.

How Can I Ensure That My Candles Fit Perfectly in Custom Candle Boxes?

To ensure a perfect fit, you should provide us with accurate measurements of your candles. Our packaging specialists will help you to decide the exact size you need for your custom candle boxes. To get more assurance, you can also request a sample to know whether the size will fit your candles before placing your order.

Can I Include Windows or Other Openings in My Candle Packaging?

Yes, of course, you can! Our team has professional expertise and knowledge to design candle packaging in unique ways. We will help you to include windows or other openings that showcase your lovely candles inside. These innovative features we provide can eventually help your candles attract more customers and increase sales.

Are There Any Design Restrictions for Designing Luxury Candle Boxes?

There are generally no design restrictions for designing luxury candle boxes. Our experts will assist you to design and customize the boxes according to all your preference and requirements. All you need to do is work with our team of competent packaging designers and discuss your expectation.

Can I Print My Brand Logo or Other Designs on My Candle Packaging Boxes?

Yes, you can print your candle packaging boxes with various designs, including your brand logo, taglines, and other promotional graphics. We provide complete customization options to help you create a unique brand identity through your packaging boxes. Give us a call!

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Customer Reviews

Boxes Review
 Review by Regan Lathan from Decor69 5 stars review

We received our Candle Boxes yesterday and we are in love with them! Nice foil print!

Boxes Review
Review by Riya Brecken from New York   5 stars review

Our candle packaging turned out excellent! Thanks for your hardwork!

Boxes Review
Review by Abrielle Valentin from Los Angeles, CA   4.5 stars review

Received boxes last week and I'm already out half of them. Everyone like these boxes. Will need to order more very soon