A card box is a vital essential of every card game. A box containing the cards is a common sight in any group playing the card game. The design, shape, color, texture, and size of a card box come in various types. You might be wondering how to make a box for playing cards and what the traits of the best box are. This blog will get you covered.  Let’s get started.

Playing Card Box or Tuck Box

A playing card box or packing is also referred to as a “card tuck box.” It is called so because in the card box, you tuck the lid to close the box. Hence, it is the same thing either you call it a tuck box too.

Most Common Dimensions of Playing Card Boxes

There are several distinct dimensions of playing card boxes, ranging from extremely small to quite large. But the standard or poker card playing card box depends on the following types of playing cards:

  • Poker [(W) 66mm x (H) 91mm x (D) 19mm] and the tall or
  • Tarot card playing card box [(W) 72mm x (H) 122mm x (D) 28mm],
  • Bridge size (5 by 2.25 inches),
  • Skat size (2.32″ x 3.58″).

Steps To Make a Playing Card Box

There are 5 main steps to making a playing card box. The basic method of making the boxes is the same. These steps may vary a little according to the number and thickness of the cards. But the basic technique of how to make a playing card box is the same. The following are the major steps:

Step 1: Take your box, carefully cut along the glue line.

Step 2: Make a paper “mold” beforehand so you can create several boxes. Trace all of the box’s edges after unfolding the box.  Mark the area where you plan to fold it as well. The paper “mold” was then cut out.  Be careful not to cut the fold lines.

Step 3: Create a mold and trace it onto a fascinating piece of cardboard (different items boxes).

Step 4: Carefully cut out the box.

Step 5: Fold the box and tape the seam where it was glued (on the original box). To add strength, tape the bottom.

Test your box to make sure that the cards fit. And you are done. To make your box somewhat larger than the cards within, add 2mm to the proportions.

How to Make a Box Out Of Playing Cards?

I’ll show you how to make a box out of playing cards today. The boxes can be created in a range of shapes and sizes. Actually, that is all. There are numerous brands and numerous styles. The design of the card backs is a key consideration. This section is interesting as it deals with the ways to make a box out of playing cards.

Steps to Make a Box Out of Playing Cards

To start you need to select 21 playing cards. For this tutorial, I am using 21 playing cards of Aviators in blue.

  1. As shown, place the two cards face-to-face. If you prefer that a card with a face (such as the queens, kings, or aces) face outward, place that card with its back to the face of the other card.
  2. Each card’s exposed ends should be folded over the edge of the other card in the same manner. Keeping the folds even, makes the box look more uniform. Now separate the cards and you have two halves.
  3. As indicated, affix the flap from one card to the flaps of the other. Apply the same procedure to the other side of the flap.
  4. Repeat steps 1-3 until you have a total of 6.
  5. Now simply fold a card (say connector) to connect the 6 recently created cards (say walls). One end of the connector should be inserted into the wall slot, then place the opposite end into the opposite wall. You now have two walls joined. Continue until all four walls are connected.
  6. Take a wall, then add two to four connectors to make the bottom of the box.
  7. You must simultaneously place every connector, regardless of how many you choose, into the square formed by the walls.
  8. Make one additional wall, then link it to the previous one on one side to create your lid.

This is how your finished work will appear.

How to Make a Rose Out of Playing Cards?

A rose made of playing cards looks very interesting. It looks hard to make but actually it is fun to make such a rose. You will learn how to make a rose out of playing card cards.

Steps to Make a Rose Out Of Playing Cards:

  1. Take a circle item and place it on the playing card to cut it into a circular shape.
  2. After cutting it down, fold it in half with the pattern inside, and then fold the corner like a triangle.
  3. Reclose it and affix a staple to the folded portion’s bottom edge and open it.
  4. To increase the card’s opening, fold it horizontally and then unfold it. Do the same with the remaining 4 petals.
  5. Near the spot where you stapled it, thread your needle, push it through, and attach the string. Add the remaining 4 petals, then bind them. Cut off the excess string. And you have done.

Customized Features of Playing Cards Box

The custom playing card box has certain features and specs as given below:

  • Size:

The measurements for a playing card box differs according to the type of the cards. Sizes also depend on the number of sets being fitted in the box.

  • Material:

The best papers are card stock, thicker fiber paper, brass, or faux leather.

  • Closure type:

The playing card box closure style may be a flipper or zipper.

  • Shape:

The shape is rectangular.

  • Material type:

Eco-friendly, Recycle able.

  • Print colors:

Silver or Gold metallic, CMYK Full-color printing, PMS.

The Ultimate Solution

We are done with learning the process of playing card boxes and their best features. The idea will be clear about how to make a playing card box. A clear question here is where can you get the most desiring playing card boxed? My Box Printer is the ultimate solution. We offer the most customized boxes with the desired colors, designs, materials and sizes.

How to Make a Playing Card Box: A Complete Guide
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