Why Order With MyBoxPrinter.com

Below are few of the reasons, why you should order with My Box Printer and not with our competitors!

No Setup Cost

At MyBoxPrinter, we don't charge separate setup costs to the clients. Our Price includes everything from scratch to delivery. The reason for not doing it is simple, Customers are our most valuable assets and we love to invest on our clients to make them our returning customers. We also have an in-house setup for creating plates and die-lines and due to the low cost of creating setup for printing compared to the market, we don't charge sestup cost to custoemrs and rather invest in them and eventually once client comes back and re-orders, we get our reward!

Top Quality Printing

We do professional offset printing on an order of even as small as 50 units or 100 units and don't do them digital. There is a huge difference in quality between Offset Printing & Digital printing. Most of the printers do small run orders on digital machines to save on cost, but we don't do that and do short run orders on Offset printing machine as well to make sure our client gets best top quality product to represent their brand!

One Week Production Time

On most of our products, we offer one week production time and then the shipping time. We are able to reduce the production time for offset printing because we have an in-house setup for all printing procedures from plates creation to die making to cutting, foiling, embossing and pasting. We have a great team of awesome people those work for us at their full potentional!

Short Run Printing

We are able to do short run offset printing for our small business clients. We have an in-house setup of creating all print related initial setup and that is the reason we are able to produce small short run orders with great quality printing and craftsmanship.

Custom Sizes, No Separate Die Charge

We have many standard sizes available for all our products and we are also able to do any size for our any product available online. The most interesting thing about our pricing is that we don't charge separate die charges for our standard sizes as well as for our custom sizes. As mentioned before, we believe in customer service and treat customers our one of the biggest assets and we love to invest on them!

Low Pricing Structure

Our prices are lowest in the market with top quality printing results. We don't compromise on quality of the printing and production. We produce same or higher quality product that our competitor produce after charging huge prices to customers. We have develop our price structure in a way that its customer friendly and we don't charge our customers huge prices like our competitors do!