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Eliminate the dirty sections and disorganized shoelace drawers! We offer the optimal solution for fashionably displaying your shoelaces boxes and expanding your brand visibility. Consider vibrant colors, whimsical designs or minimalist elegance – whatever best embodies the distinctive aesthetic of your brand. By communicating with customers on a more profound level via logos, messages, and even graphics, high-quality printing enables you to tell your own story. These are not merely containers; they represent your brand and enhance their brand recognition.

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Product Features

Box Style:

RTE box style, Sleeve & Tray Style

Shoelaces Boxes Sizes / Dimensions:
  • 5 x 3.86 x 0.51 inch
  • 1.97 x 1.57 x 0.25 inch
  • 2 x 3.25 x 0.5 inch
  • All Custom Sizes
Print Color Options:

CMYK Full color printing, PMS, Silver or Gold mettalic inks

Paper Options:

18pt, 24pt, 32pt, White Kraft, Brown Kraft & textured Linen stock

Order Quantity:

MOQ: No Minimums, any quantity between 5 to 50,000 units

Instead Of Boring Solid Shoelace Boxes, Why Not Get Boxes That Are Made Just For You?

Think about using bright colors, modern patterns, or simple, understated styles—whatever best fits your brand's story. The best printing also lets you show off your brand name, special features, or even images of your products, which helps you connect with your customers more deeply.

Do You Make Shoelaces Boxes In Different Styles And Sizes?

We have a wide range of sizes and styles for custom printed shoelace boxes to fit athletic laces that are short, long, or even thick. Also, compartment options are available to make it easier to organize and untangle your different styles.

Could I Place An Order For Shoelaces Boxes For A Small Business?

We are experts at making perfect packaging for small sales, even for people who are just starting. You can also choose sustainable alternatives, which let you care about the earth while keeping your brand's reputation.

When Can You Expect Your Shoelaces Boxes To Be Ready?

We promise a return time of seven to eight business days, which means your boxes can be sent to stores. You never have to wait weeks for your packaging to catch up when you work with us.

Beyond Storage: Promote Your Shoelace Brand With Packaging That Captivates

Shoelaces – the often-overlooked icons of the footwear world. They hold shoes together, add a touch of personality, and even complete an outfit. But what if their packaging did the same for your brand? We believe shoelaces box shouldn't just be storage; they should be an extension of your brand identity, a silent salesperson on the shelf, and a catalyst for impulse purchases.

Our vibrant, custom-printed boxes transcend the drab cardboard model. Think sleek black box with your logo gleaming in silver foil or playful polka dots across a matte finish. Each box is a mini billboard that captivates customers at first glance.

Reveal Your Design Potential:

Our vast templates and customization options empower you to tell your unique story. Choose from a collection of materials – sturdy cardboard for long-term use, luxurious textured paper for premium lines, or sustainable options for the eco-conscious consumer.

Complete Colour Narratives:

Exceptional digital CMYK printing effectively manifests your concept through vivid colorings and precise intricacies. Exhibit your logo's magnificence, emphasize significant attributes, or incorporate lighthearted visuals that deeply connect with your intended demographic. Consider the innumerable possibilities: a shoelace box for child shoes with cartoon characters or a prestige brand adorned with sophisticated patterns.

Beyond Aesthetics:

Although your boxes can attract attention when displayed on shelves, their primary purpose is to ensure functionality. We maintain the new condition of your laces by employing secure closures, such as sophisticated ribbons or self-locking tabs. Furthermore, optional compartments and precise sizing prevent the dreaded tangled chaos by keeping them organized.

Constructing Sustainability Into Each Action:

We recognize the significance of conscientious packaging. This is why we provide an assortment of environmentally sustainable alternatives, including biodegradable coatings and recycled materials. By aligning itself with environmentally conscious consumers, your brand can capture their attention and radiate positivity.

Styles And Designs For Your Shoelace Boxes

These Shoelaces boxes come in a diverse range of designs and styles, catering to various needs and aesthetics with custom printed options. Here are some of the most popular options:

The Minimalist Style:
  • Functionality and a focus on sleek lines.
  • Frequently in neutral shades, such as beige, black, or white.
  • simple logo or trademark can be added on top for brand appearance
Customization For Luxury Shoelace Boxes:
  • High-quality materials such as cardboard, cardstock and embossed paper.
  • Sophisticated coatings, such as high-gloss shine or soft-touch matte.
  • Modern designs for custom Shoelaces boxes
  • We give a variety of sizes, shapes, and closures.
  • Customizable for imprinting with photographs, patterns, or emblems.
  • Consider concepts and ideas that are genuinely unconventional!
  • Innovative shoelace box structure

Further Factors To Contemplate:

Cardboard is the most prevalent and cost-effective material, whereas other materials provide enhanced durability.

Drawstring, flap, and lid closures each have their advantages for marketing. Select a size that suits your laces comfortably without being excessively bulky. Your particular requirements and brand identity will ultimately determine the optimal design for a shoe fastener box. Research and be inventive in your quest for a box that embodies your distinct aesthetic.

Underestimating The Influence Of Well-Designed Packaging

Impulse Purchases Are Not Sufficient. Our receptacles entice purchasers to make purchase decisions by attracting attention and challenging them to resist. Consider a customer perusing footwear who is captivated by an eye-catching shoelaces packaging boxes that ideally complements their newly acquired footwear. Adding an additional pair (along with your ties) to their cart is no longer an afterthought but rather an absolute necessity.

From Shelf Appeal To Brand Advocacy:

Your wholesale shoelaces boxes are more than just containers; they're brand ambassadors. Every interaction reinforces your brand identity, builds customer loyalty, and inspires advocacy. Imagine a customer posting a picture of their new shoes, the stylish shoelace box prominently displayed – an organic marketing opportunity you can't buy.

Investing In Quality, Reaping The Rewards:

At box printing company, quality is not compromised. Our durable boxes protect your laces as they endure the stresses of retail, delivery, and daily use. Customers are assured that they are investing in a product that surpasses expectations, which is a testament to the calibre of your brand.

Sustainable Alternatives:

Cherish the environment without compromising on aesthetics.

Are you prepared to convert your shoelaces into brand advocates? We should be inventive! Customise designs, peruse our templates and upload your own artwork. The remainder will be managed by us, including printing and delivery. You can simply observe as your brand flourishes under the influence of packaging.

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 Review by Elis Baker from NativeCo. 5 stars review

We thank you for your great services. The order arrived right on time and the print quality was great. We will be ordering many more boxes next month.