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Tired of using unsafe bags that make your items appear awful and cause them to get stale? This issue can be resolved with the use of stand-up pouches. Put your items on display with pride in eye-catching pouches that stand tall on shelves. Their specialized materials maintain the flavor and freshness of your food for a longer period. These pouches are ideal for the merchandiser who strongly emphasizes quality. These pouches are quite inexpensive and will assist you in increasing sales and maintaining satisfied consumers. Customize them as you want them to be. Make your name in the food industry. Order these pouches now!

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Product Features

Box Style:

Oval Bottom with Zip lock top

Custom Stand up Pouches Sizes / Dimensions:
  • 3 x 5 x 2 inch
  • 4 x 6.5 x 2 inch
  • 5 x 8 x 2.5 inch
  • 6 x 9 x 3 inch
  • All Custom Sizes
Print Color Options:

CMYK Full color printing, PMS, Silver or Gold mettalic inks

Stock Options:

100% Heat Sealable 1.5mil. Polypropylene.

Order Quantity:

MOQ: No Minimums, any quantity between 5 to 50,000 units

What size are stand up pouches?

Here are four standard sizes for stand up pouches as per size and volume of the product.

  1. 1 Oz Volume: 3" x 5" x 2", 28g weight
  2. 2 Oz Volume: 4" x 6.5" x 2", 60g weight
  3. 4 Oz Volume: 5" x 8" x 2.5", 140g weight
  4. 8 Oz Volume: 6" x 9" x 3", 250g weight
My products look dull and generic in their current packaging. Can custom stand-up pouches help with that?

Your items may go from being ordinary to being eye-catching with the help of custom stand-up pouches. Your company's emblem or vivid images are printed directly on a bag that occupies a prominent position on the shelf. The use of this kind of packaging not only creates a statement but also assists your business in standing out in a competitive market.

Are custom stand-up pouches just for food, or could they work for other products, too?

Personalized stand-up pouches give an incredible number of possibilities! It is a favorite among those who create food since they maintain the freshness of anything from snacks to coffee beans. These stand-up pouches are not limited to edible things! You might ask them for skincare and cosmetics products like lotions or bath bombs for a sleek and professional appearance. This is something you could do. Moreover, you can ask to design them for use in crafts and for gifts.

Is there a minimum order quantity?

Our company offers flexible order sizes and makes custom-printed stand-up pouches accessible to everyone. You can often start with smaller quantities and then scale up as your business grows. It's a smart way to test new designs or seasonal packaging without a huge investment.

What are the different features of custom stand-up pouches?

Customization is the key that makes these pouches so valuable for businesses. Here are some popular additions that boost customer satisfaction and protect your products:

  • Zippers
  • Clear Windows
  • Hang Holes
  • Tear Notches
How do I choose the right size stand up pouch?

Height and volume of the product plays a great role in estimating the correct size for your stand up pouch. Some products are big in height but low in volume and similarly there are some products those are high in volume but low in height. You should always go for a one size bigger bag to make sure product fits inside the pouch correctly.

Your Product Meets Desirable Presentation with Custom Stand-Up Pouches

You can get rid of those dull bags that are dragging down your fantastic items. Now is the moment to liberate the full potential of your organization by utilizing bespoke stand-up pouches! These eye-catching bags not only maintain the freshness of your items but also make them an essential feature.

The Power of a Stand-Up Pouch

Consider your personalized bag to be a small advertisement that fits on the shelf. Because of the robust base, it is able to stand straight, allowing you to display your nicely wrapped items. This results in increased exposure, a more professional appearance, and an enticing presentation that customers just cannot fail to notice.

However, these custom stand-up pouch bags are more than just a pretty face! Protecting your products with our cutting-edge barrier films is essential, whether you offer gourmet granola, premium coffee, or goodies for your pets. Say farewell to staleness and tastes that fade away; your items will continue to be wonderful and fresh, just as you had meant them to be.

Custom Pouches That Are Designed to Your Needs

We are aware that your product is exclusive. Because of this, we provide a variety of sizes, materials, and features to cater to your specific requirements. Your dedication to quality is seen in every aspect of the product, from the vivid full-color printing to the simple re-sealable zipper mechanism.

Exceptional Flavors and Products That Shine

Just picture yourself opening a bag that stands up and is loaded with your special products. Not only are the colors vivid, but the scent is bursting forth. That should be the kind of experience you want your clients to have! By preserving the tastes and textures of your products, our pouches give them the attention they deserve and ensure that they are preserved.

Customer Happiness, Protection, Presentation

Stand-up pouches that are made to order are the ideal combination since they draw attention to your goods. Because of the unique components, the freshness is preserved for a longer period of time. Repeat purchases are increased by convenient features such as zippers.

Effortless Customization, Expert Results

It ought to be thrilling to create attractive customized stand-up pouches that are made to order! The approach that we use is straightforward, even if you are not a designer. You may begin by using templates, you can upload your own artwork, or you can even seek assistance from our skilled in-house design staff. We will collaborate with you to ensure that your pouches are an accurate representation of your business.

  1. Full-color options with vivid colors that captivate your audience's attention. A custom printed stand-up pouch is ideal for intricate logos that highlight the qualities of the product contained within.
  2. Spot printing: When it comes to spot printing, you may add a touch of luxury by using metallic or exotic inks.
  1. A custom stand up pouch can convey a narrative, which is more than just a logo for branding! It is possible to express the individuality of your business via the use of colors, typefaces, and even the bag's shape.
  2. Effortlessly incorporate essential information (nutrition statistics, ingredients) into the design in a practical and aesthetically pleasing way.
  1. Clear Windows: Let customers peek at the goodness inside, and build an anticipate.
  2. Minimalism: Clean designs with bold typography stand out in a crowded market.
  3. Handcrafted Feel: Textured papers or natural-looking materials tap into the desire for authenticity.

Ready to Transform Your Products? Your Packaging Revolution Starts Here

Only allow amazing products to spend time in packaging that is unique. Put the power of custom stand-up pouches to work for you, and watch as your sales numbers skyrocket. Find out how to create the ideal personalized stand-up pouch solution for your place of business. Get in touch with MyBoxPrinter right away to discuss the availability of options, get samples, and see how we can make your items appealing!

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