The Biggest Trends for Pillow Boxes with Window in 2023

When it comes to the trends in packaging design, they tend to go up and down. Yet, to stay on top of your game, you have to stay on trend. After all, we know that the unboxing experience starts with great packaging design. In addition, you can surprise your customers when they open the boxes and see even more adorable designs. Pillow boxes with window have been roaming around as one of the popular options in this context. If you wish to stay up-to-date with these unique boxes, here are the biggest trends to design them you can expect to see in 2023!

A Nostalgic Design Makes Customized Pillow Boxes Look Lovelier

The psychedelic revolution is back. With many customers craving nostalgia and Gen Z loving peace, love, and bright colors, it is time to dive into the past with a nostalgic design.

But wait, what is in the nostalgic design?

  • Large, chunky, slightly distorted typography
  • A combination of bright, bold colors and fonts
  • Unique graphics such as cassettes, vinyl records, polaroid cameras, and peace signs

If you have been lucky enough to experience these decades firsthand or are ready to feel them for the first time, dive into this groovy rapper first. Well, guess what? This remarkable design will be a big trend for customized pillow boxes in 2023!

A Minimalist Design Always Works Well for Custom Printed Pillow Boxes

A minimalist design didn’t just win the packaging industry. In addition, we can see some celebrities like Kim Kardashian have spawned a minimalist movement that affects every social media user.

So, if you or your customers love minimalism, you can see yourself in this trend. Accordingly, this trend will support you to win more with your custom printed pillow boxes.

So, do you know what should be included in a minimalist design, anyway?

Here they are!

  • Simplicity in the patterns and themes
  • Earth tones and monochromatic color palettes that soothe the eyes
  • Clear lines that show off a decent look of your products
  • Symmetry graphics

The simple appearance of this minimalist design will eventually bring calmness to customers when they see your boxes. Combined with a unique pillow shape of your boxes and a transparent window, this design will make your products pop up.

How About a Maximalist Design for Large Pillow Boxes Wholesale?

Yes, you can predict from the name itself, maximalism we are talking about here is a complete opposite of minimalism. Whereas minimalism clings to the motto “less is more,” maximalism demands “more is more.”

A maximalist design on large pillow boxes wholesale means playing with patterns and silhouettes that add a touch of a crowd.

What to include in this type of design then?

  • Playful and bold design to catch every eye
  • A complicated layered pattern to show off your product
  • Saturated colors to highlight the boxes on the shelves

Bold, playful, and ready to be anywhere a little bit, maximalist design is a trend you should not skip in 2023.

Eye-Catching Illustrations and Graphics for Pillow Box Packaging

2023 will see product packaging with eye-catching illustrations and graphics. Whether you love tinkering with Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, or other graphic design tools, this trend is perfect for you. Additionally, this design’s bold illustration and graphic trend lend themselves to many aesthetics. Better yet, you will find the possibilities to be endless here. Ultimately, this design enables you to free your creativity as you create the best pillow box packaging for your customers.

Soft Colors Will Also Strike in 2023

If you have a desire for minimalism, you may also like the soft color trend.

What is a soft color?

Now imagine when you visit a hardware store and pick up some paint chips, you will find some soft colors at the top. Soft colors may be best to offer in your store depending on your customers’ likes and needs. If you haven’t known yet, soft colors will make your pillow boxes with window a perfect fit for various products! What are they?

  • Self-care products
  • Baby products
  • Wedding gifts and decorations

Ready to set the colors for your boxes next year? Soft colors are a trendy way to achieve this.

How to Keep Your Pillow Pack Packaging Trendy?

Staying on trend can seem like a very challenging task for some brands. In this regard, you need to know exactly how to keep your pillow pack packaging as trendy as you can.

Make Packaging Part of Your Brand’s Unique Identity

As you are already known, a unique identity of your brand plays a big role in building a successful business. In fact, shaping a strong brand identity is the way to set you apart from other market competitors.

You can easily build a positive brand identity by:

  • Establish your brand first, then do your marketing
  • Understand your genuine and aesthetic to make your customers understand
  • Stay true to your brand value and its mission

Build A Strong Customer Base

Listen to your target customers, understand their needs, and interact with them. In the end, if you have a positive and strong brand identity, you can integrate your packaging into that identity.

Be Original While Getting Inspired by Other Brands

Imitation, they say, is the ultimate form of fawning. To design the most exclusively customized pillow boxes, you don’t have to imitate any single brand. Instead, you can take inspiration from other brands’ ideas.

Yes, you can also perform research to find out about some points, such as:

  • Search and find out what other brands are doing in the same industry
  • Do you see any ideas that can match your brand?
  • What inspires your own creativity?

Keep Up-To-Date with the Latest Packaging Trends

Keeping yourself up-to-date with the latest packaging trends might seem like a lot of work. On the other hand, it is actually a part of the realm. The best way to stay on trend is to be active on social media and pay attention to trends. Why?

Because we know that people love to share. Plus, we can see thousands of unboxing videos hogging every corner of the internet.

Design Your Boxes with an Expert Supplier

Now that you have an overview of the trends to watch for pillow boxes with window in 2023, it is the perfect time to start designing.

Designing perfectly fitted boxes can be daunting because it involves so much.

To make things easier, you can work with an expert supplier for all project details, such as:

  • Packaging type
  • Package design and label design
  • Design elements include templates, fonts, colors, dimensions, models

When you get help from the experts, designing your packaging boxes by following the trends will be a piece of cake.

Final Ideas

Yes, it might be difficult to follow the packaging trends. Yet, with the biggest trends we revealed in this post, the task will no longer be difficult. In fact, you can be confident in your choices and design ideas to design your lovely pillow boxes with window. Trust me; you will find this effort worth doing. Now get ready to dazzle your customers next year with a quality design that will impress! To start designing your boxes, the packaging specialists at MyBoxPrinter are always ready to help you out.

Have a great day ahead!

The Biggest Trends for Pillow Boxes with Window in 2023

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