Gift sets are often presented in clothing line to catch an eye of the customers. Gift sets or special products are designed in a way that it grabs the customer eye instantly. Gift sets are also used to decorate a certain clothing rack with color full gift boxes along with special clothing inside. Gift sets are also presented in beauty line to boost sales of a specific item!

Custom Pillow Boxes are the perfect gift boxes for clothing line. T-shirts, shirts, panties and other clothing gift sets can be packaged in these boxes. The style of the box is perfect for grabbing customer attention. Innovative design patrons can be used to decorate these boxes. Once fully decorated, these boxes looks great with specific item inside. These boxes can also have color full ribbons inserted into these to convert them in the shape of purse.

Pillow boxes are also used to package beauty products like hair extensions. These boxes are perfect packaging solution for hair extensions because of its simple and innovative look. These boxes can have hanger on top or side to hang on the shelf. These boxes can also have window cut-out on the front so the product from inside can be seen easily without the need to open the packaging.

Making & Packaging

Pillow boxes are usually printed using professional offset printing method. Custom designing is used to enhance the look of the custom pillow boxes. Intelligent cutouts can be introduced to make these look good. These are printed on a sheet of cardboard and then laminated. Custom die cutting is used to cut these sheets. Once the sheets are cut then pasting is done for these boxes to paste them together. These type of boxes requires minimum pasting efforts because they only have 1 pasting flap. These boxes are very easy to assemble. All pillow boxes ships flat in the cartons. Usually the packaging is done in count of 100 per pack.


 Pillow boxes are one of the easiest and simple to assemble. These have small curved flaps at the sides those lock with each other to close the box. For assembly, below steps are required.

  • Grab one pack of pillow boxes from carton and remove the outer packaging of the pack
  • Grab one box out of the pack and check the scoring/folding lines and put the box on table in correct direction
  • Usually one of the flap of pillow box on both sides have thumb notch for easy opening.
  • Grab the product you want to put inside the box. Fold the product in its original size.
  • Put the product inside the box gently from one side of the pillow. To put product inside the box easily you just need to pop open the box from one end and slide product inside.
  • After you put the product inside, make the product fit into by tapping the sides of the pillow box.
  • Now fold the flaps those have thumb notches on it towards the inside of the box so that they are curved and closes the open end of the box.
  • Once the flaps with notches close, now gently close the other flaps on top of the flaps those have notches gently.
  • Now the Custom Pillow boxes are closed and you can use them.


Why Custom Pillow Boxes are Perfect Packaging Solution for your Cloths & Beauty Gift Sets?
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