Candles, these items have been famous for centuries. In the past days, people used candles for lighting purposes. These days, these items come up as one of the best options to decorate houses and give more ambiance to special events. Candles today come in unique shapes and styles. Thus, they deserve to get the perfect packaging that flaunts their beauty. If you are a candle brand owner, you would love to make your packaging as unique as your candles. To make things easier, you would love to check out the candle packaging ideas below!

Why Do You Need to Apply Creative Candle Packaging Ideas?

Ya, why do you need creative candle packaging ideas? You can simply order those ready-made boxes and pack your candles inside them. No hustle, no effort, no time waste.

Well, if you still think like this, then you can leave your dream to grab higher sales.

Now, think about the tear and sweat you spent creating your exclusive candles and building your candle business. Will you just let it all fade by packing your lovely candles in unappealing packaging? Will you be happy by being average?

Of course not!

You know that your beautiful candles deserve unique packaging. Additionally, you know that you can only promote your brand by being exceptional. Yes, we can expose many reasons why you need to design the right packaging for your lovely candles. Getting excited to know more? Let’s dive in.

Exclusive Packaging Reflects Branded Items

Even in this modern market, people still buy with their eyes. Customers in any market have the same perception; exclusive packaging reflects branded items.

This applies to the candle market as well. Why? As we know that candles today come up being decoration pieces to make your house look more fashionable. In addition, those special events will be more memorable by placing lovely candles.

When it comes to purchasing any candle, customers will pay attention to all the details. For example, if they need a tea light candle, they will first take a look at your tea light candle packaging. From the colors, design, the texture, the appearance of your packaging, all will be matter a lot. Hence, when you present your candles in exclusive packaging, they will not think twice about bringing them home.

Candle Packaging Ideas For Shipping Help You Deliver a Better Shopping Experience

Whether you sell your candles in a retail store or in online shopping, you will need to deliver your candles to customers somehow. This is where your customers will judge your items and brand image. Well, no one would want to receive damaged items at their doorsteps.

Candle packaging ideas for shipping will be valuable if you wish to provide maximum protection to your delicate items. We know that candles are delicate and sensitive items. Any small shock or pressure can easily damage them. Notwithstanding the fact that these items can get melted easily.

Thus, during the shipping journey, you need to ensure your candles will be safe and sound. For this, there are some important qualities your packaging should have. What are they?

The packaging for shipping your candles should be made of highly durable material that guarantees product safety

  • The packaging for shipping your candles should be in the exact size and dimension
  • The packaging for shipping your candles should look convincing to appeal to more prospects during shipping
  • Apply a custom label to your product packaging to prevent mishandling of your delicate candles

Homemade Candle Packaging Ideas Are Ideal for Presenting Your Homemade Candles

Homemade candles can sometimes be more delicate than other types of candles. In this context, these candles need extra protection and a better appearance. In this regard, you will know that homemade candle packaging ideas are ideal.

For instance, you can wrap your candles and decorate the packaging with:

  • A lovely tie, ribbon, or lace to make it lovelier
  • Add tissue paper to make your packaging look more elegant
  • Add a handwritten note to say thanks to your customers

Yes, there are various ways you can make your customers happier with your candle packaging ideas.

Cute Candle Packaging Ideas Make Your Candles Look Trendier

Some customers purchase candles simply because they love the trendy appearance of the candles. As we said, candles today end up being beautiful home decoration pieces for many. If you apply cute candle packaging ideas when designing your product packaging, you can make those modern customers pay more attention. How to do this?

You can do mix and match!

  • Mix a simple design with trendy graphics and match them with bold colors
  • Mix a retro design with a dim color combination and apply a silver or gold foiling technique
  • Mix a soft color such as pink or blue with a classic font style

The moment those customers see your candles wrapped in trendy packaging, you will grab their hearts within seconds. Eventually, your success is just a step away.

DIY Candle Packaging Ideas Allow You to Manage Your Spending Budget

Having the most exclusive packaging wrapping your lovely candle items doesn’t need to be costly. Instead, when you design your packaging with DIY candle packaging ideas, you can manage your spending budget wisely.

What can you do with DIY ideas?

Let’s Wrap Your Candles!

Would you like to present your candles for special occasions? You can make them look more special by adding shredder paper or decorative tissue paper before tying your packaging with a fancy ribbon or string.

Make It a Tea Time

Tea lovers rejoice! Most tea containers come with a flat bottom and are perfect as small trays for candles. If you have a jar, you can try adding a few crumpled paper strips around the jar.

Wrap Your Candles Like a Bouquet

When you deliver your candles to your beloved customers, you surely want them to be special. Well, you can wrap them and make a bouquet. You can also add some floral foam to fit in a small box and place your candle in the middle. Or else, you can go with artificial flowers or greenery on top for a beautiful presentation. This will surely be an exceptional candle gift box packaging.

Apply A Classy Touch

You can add a touch of classiness to your candle by wrapping it in a simple black or gold-colored box. This way, you will create a noble packaging for candles.

Consider the Perfect Fit

If your jar of candles doesn’t fit perfectly into your standard candle wrapper, you should not worry at all. What you need to do is get a box of the same size or larger. Then, wrap it in clean paper. To add a lovely touch, you can also add bows.

Make It a Sweet Surprise

This is one of the unique and amazing candle packaging ideas you can do. We know that candles can be great gifts for anyone who loves baking. You can add a sweet surprise into the packaging of your product, such as measuring spoons, recipe books, or even baking ingredients.

Working With a Packaging Supplier Will Be a Good Idea

All the DIY tips above might seem profitable for your candle business in the short run. However, if you wish to captivate more market customers, it will be a good idea to work with a reliable and expert packaging company.

A reliable company will help you create the perfect packaging for your candles that fits your needs. The color and print quality of your packaging will be ensured using industry-leading coloring and printing techniques. On top of that, a professional packaging company will offer various customization options to design unique custom packaging. As a result, they can help you enhance your brand value through stellar custom packaging boxes.

Let’s Design Your Packaging with Unique Candle Packaging Ideas!

Candles are the typical items that require strong branding services to increase market awareness. Customers will learn about each candle brand by watching how they do their marketing strategies in the industry. Without any doubt, having appealing packaging for presenting and delivering your candles is very important. Without proper marketing, your candle items will end up failing and will not bring many profits to your business.

On the other hand, a proper marketing strategy for your candles also depends on appealing product packaging. Modern customers today will only purchase products that come with unique packaging and designs. This case applies further to all types of candle items. Whether you are selling a common candle for home use or a special candle for restaurants, your product packaging plays a big role in market sales.

With the arrival of different design techniques, many brands are now using various unique candle packaging ideas to enhance product presentation. They know that the ideas will have a huge impact on their sales. Eventually, the packaging ideas can help them to meet their monthly and yearly goals easily.

Not limited only to commercial purposes, unique candle packaging ideas are also very useful for general use. You can make your candle presentation unique by implementing your own creative ideas on your product packaging.

Beautifully Printed Packaging Will Be Ideal

Every product packaging relies heavily on the images used in the box. In fact, it is the first thing that grabs people’s attention and encourages them to purchase your product. For candles, this case applies exactly the same. Images and texts printed on packaging play an important role in attracting customers’ attention. One glance will catch their attention if they are genuinely interested in purchasing candle items.

With this in mind, many candle brands today have been using custom printed boxes to present their candle products. You will see some boxes in sparkly colors, while others keep simple with a minimalist design.

How you want to promote your candles in the packaging depends on your company’s branding idea. Custom printing, in this context, gives you the perfect opportunity to design your packaging according to your wishes. An authentic and stylish technique will make each candle comes with a unique product display.

Apply an Event-Specific Design

This is one of the smart candle packaging ideas at home you can use at various events throughout the year. You can customize the design with a variety of themes, from New Year to Christmas. Applying an event-specific design can also help to enhance the look of your packaging.

This event-specific design will increase your chances of grabbing more customers’ attention. Better yet, the design will drive them to purchase your candles in a huge quantity to celebrate their special event.

But wait, designing your packaging with an event-specific theme requires a good knowledge of market trends. You will need to know other brands’ packaging ideas for candles. Of course, you also need to know how to differentiate yourself from them.

Try Out Luxurious Rigid Boxes

If your brand regularly delivers your candles, you should pay close attention to making sturdy and durable boxes. Yes, you will need the best quality boxes to protect the physical condition of your lovely candles. This is a very important point that many candle brands tend to forget. Although you might create perfect-quality candles, they often break during shipping. Why?

Because the packaging boxes you use are not designed to be strong enough to protect your sensitive candles. Poor-quality packaging boxes will not only damage your items. Worse than that, they will also greatly affect the sales of your candles.

This is why you also need to pay attention to manufacturing your packaging boxes. Ensure your boxes provide security to protect the quality regardless of where you need to deliver your candles. These boxes are very durable and will surely protect your candles inside. Using rigid boxes for packing and delivering your candles will be a smart move in this regard.

What About Adding a Natural Touch?

It is no denying that women mostly purchase candles for different occasions. You should keep this fact in mind when creating your packaging. You can try adding a natural touch to box candle packaging ideas.

For example:

  • The nature items such as flowers will fit the feminine taste
  • Pink or sea blue color will be perfect to attract female customers in the market
  • Design your packaging in a unique shape, such as a flower or leaves
  • Make your packaging look more captivating by applying a matte coating
  • Silver or gold foiling can make your packaging look more exclusive to attract those women

The Paper Tube Packaging Style Is Beautiful

Using paper tube packaging style for packing your candles is one of the beautiful candle box packaging ideas. Also known as cylinder box, this packaging style is usually given to someone special at a particular event.

In addition, you can customize this type of packaging by printing lively custom visuals. For instance, you can choose the relevant image or text that best fits your product specifications. You can choose the image that will contrast with the color of your product packaging.

However, do note that the development process of this packaging style can be quite complicated. Thus, you will need the help of experienced packaging professionals.

Add Custom Labels to Your Product Packaging

Adding a custom label on the front of your product packaging is also a great way to pack and present lovely candles. Many candle brands have been applying this technique to write their slogan on the packaging. In fact, this applies not only to candles, but also to packaging of other products.

You can use the words on your custom label to describe the main features of your candles. The best part is that you can design the label from various materials. You can also apply some innovative images related to your candles packed inside.

What’s more, you can eventually print your custom label with promotional codes. Yes, you can offer some promotional discounts to excite your beloved customers. You can also present some free giveaway promotions.

Consider the Value Proposition of Your Candles

The packaging designs that come with unique shapes are trending. In fact, it is common for a branding strategy to introduce fabric pouches and matchboxes. This type of packaging is usually combined with hand-painted floral imagery and typographic details. The unique shape of the packaging will help you enhance the value proposition of your candles.

Yes, it is important to think about the value proposition of your beautiful candles. Thus, before designing your packaging, think carefully about the questions below!

  • Do you want to present exclusive and branded candles?
  • Or perhaps you are offering gorgeous candle gifts?

The fact is, your packaging design helps build customer perception. You can easily express your brand in two unique ways:

  • Breaking down your brand’s logo elements into shapes, lines, textures, and colors
  • Be creative with your product packaging

By considering the value proposition of your candles and expressing your brand properly, meeting the customers’ expectations will be a piece of cake.

Use Inner Packaging to Give Extra Protection

We know candles are supposed to bring relaxation and peacefulness. Again, candles in these modern days serve a variety of roles. From traditionally illuminating homes to their ability to create memorable personal environments, candles are wanted.

The infinite combinations of waxes, containers, and scents make candle items become a true expression of design and creativity. Additionally, candles are also widely used to illuminate the whole environment with a positive vibe.

Most candles come in fragile glass and tin containers. These materials can protect your candles very well. Yet, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t add some inner packaging materials in luxury candle packaging ideas for extra protection.

There are various materials to help you in this context, including:

  • Bubble wrap to keep your candles from moving during the shipping journey
  • Custom inserts will be ideal if you place multiple candles in a single packaging
  • Eva foam will be perfect for preserving your candles from smashing each other

Providing extra protection not only will help you secure your sensitive candles. Better yet, it will help you prevent the customers’ disappointment. In the end, it will help you build a reliable brand image.

Wrapping Up

Designing the best packaging with candle packaging ideas is important if you wish to win this competitive market. After all, you know that your candles deserve the most exceptional product packaging. Get premium quality packaging boxes for your candles at MyBoxPrinter!

Candle Packaging Ideas – Make Your Packaging as Unique as Your Candles
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