Custom Candle Boxes - Packaging Boxes Trends in 2022

2021 has been a downfall for many businesses and brands. The flop markets were appearing all across the world for many industries. The same thing has happened for the candle market as well. To rebuild your candle brand this year, you need to grab new customers and maintain the existing ones. For this, you need to offer your candle items according to the market preferences. In short, you need to know and follow the packaging trends for candle boxes in 2022. Let’s check them out!

Simple Designs and Mini Sizes for Custom Candle Boxes

We know how less can be more. Simple designs always succeed to catch customers’ eyes. In 2022, customers will pay more attention to items they want to purchase. Candles are beautiful and attractive items. Thus, you don’t need to present them in any crowded design.

Instead, going for simple designs and mini sizes for custom candle boxes will work well to enhance product visibility. Use soft colors, classy designs, and exclusive finishing options will make your boxes look more branded.

Draw Story-Driven Images on Your Candle Boxes Wholesale

One image can reflect what 100 words can’t. This is absolutely correct when we are talking about product packaging boxes. To highlight your candles in candle boxes wholesale, you can draw story-driven images. You can tell a part of an interesting brand story through your boxes. This will drive customers to explore more about your candles and brand.

Fine Art on Custom Printed Candle Boxes Can Do Wonders

Digital and offset printing technologies help you to print whatever you want on your packaging boxes. Yet, this can only happen when you work together with a professional packaging service provider. This company will assist you to apply fine art to your custom printed candle boxes.

For example, if you use lavender oil to produce your candles inside, you can draw fine-art of lavender leaves. This effort will dazzle customers within seconds.

Never Forget the Authenticity for Your Custom Boxes with Logo

Designing your custom boxes with logo according to your brand theme and colors will make the boxes look more authentic. You can apply a brand-oriented design and use a color that matches your brand logo. This can eventually expose the authenticity of your candle items while underlining your brand at the same time.

Candle Display Boxes Will Still Rock

Presenting any type of item in display boxes will easily give your items maximum exposure. Candle display boxes will still rock the packaging trends for candles in 2022. The boxes will drive your customers to see and explore your lovely candles.

What’s more, when you place your candle items in these boxes and put the boxes in strategic spots, no customer will ever skip seeing your beautiful candles.

Candle Boxes No Minimum for Small Businesses

The competitive candle market requires brands to invest in their product presentations. This simply means that those candle brands should pay more focus on their packaging boxes. On the other hand, some small businesses may have a limited budget for their packaging boxes.

However, the trend of candle boxes no minimum will still be here to help. No minimum means that you will be able to purchase your boxes in minimum quantities. This way, you will save more budget for premium custom boxes.

Patterns and Shapes Still Play a Great Role in Candle Packaging Boxes

Lovely patterns and unique shapes will make things easier for you to grab potential customers. For patterns, we will see the minimalist and vintage patterns still be trending in 2022. For candle packaging boxes, you can use natural patterns as candles reflect love and purity. For the shapes, you can choose from unique shapes such as:

  • Window boxes
  • Sleeve boxes
  • Tuck end boxes
  • And other wonderful shape options

The Symmetrical Design for Wholesale Candle Packaging

We will also see the symmetrical design for wholesale candle packaging. The symmetrical design offers simplicity for your boxes to be. By applying the symmetrical design, you can grab customers’ attention and drive them to purchase your candles. Meanwhile, for shapes, you can do experiments with hexagon shapes, cube shapes, or other shapes that match your candle items inside.

This trend is worth it to try as you will be able to grab customers who didn’t recognize your brand yet. As a result, you will be able to boost the sales with small effort.

Branding Through Candle Packaging

Your product packaging can really be helpful to assist your branding strategy. Imagine if you need to deliver your candles to customers using branded candle packaging. Your company name and brand logo on the packaging will reveal your business to those who doesn’t familiar with your candle brand.

In addition, if you design your packaging box according to your brand identity, you can eventually make your product packaging your brand representative. There you go!

Candle Boxes – The Packaging Trends In 2022

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