Things to Consider About Box Packaging Die Cut Template Design

Believe it or not, designing product packaging is easier than you think. With great product packaging, your product and brand can stand out easily. What’s more, brand recognition based on proper packaging not only helps increase sales. Better yet, it helps strengthen the loyal customer base that will come to rely on your product again and again. Thus, your product packaging design journey is always your first choice. Read the post completely for some things you must consider regarding box packaging die cut template design!

Understand Your Brand’s Unique Identity with Box Cutting Dies Design

First and foremost, you need a clear idea of ​​your brand’s unique identity to reflect it on your box cutting dies design. Without a unique identity, you’re just a faceless company trying to sell your products in the market.

Start your search for your brand identity by asking yourself these questions:

  • What brand image do you want to convey with your packaging design?
  • Do you want to present a classy or playful image?
  • Is eco-friendly or sustainable packaging a priority for you?
  • Do your customers expect luxury?
  • Or maybe your audience expects something simple, vintage, or modern?

Above all, your brand identity is the starting point for packaging and overall design. Hence, knowing what your brand is and, more importantly, what it stands for forms the basis for packaging design process.

Know Better About Your Products and Customers When Designing Custom Die Cut Boxes

OK, you know who you are. Next, you must think about what you sell and who will purchase those products.

There are two considerations when designing custom die cut boxes.

  1. Practicality

First, let’s talk about practicality. You need packaging that matches what you are selling. More importantly, what do you ship?

Remember that a good packaging design isn’t just about showing what’s inside. It is more about protecting it.

  1. Customer expectations

Next, you have to meet customer expectations.

Do you sell cosmetics or kitchen products? Whatever your product, you need a scheme that strengthens your brand and product line.

Let’s say your kitchen products company offers multiple skills, from novice foodie to master chef. In this case, your packaging design should reflect the diversity of the audience.

When it comes to discussing about customer expectations, you need to know better about your target audience. Accordingly, your packaging should reflect what makes them love to purchase your products.

This is especially important for lifestyle brands that sell experiences as well as products. You need a box design that grabs the customer’s attention. You also need to present an aesthetic that makes them focus on purchasing products from your brand.

Plus, consider where your customers buy or operate your product line. If you sell in retail stores, you need packaging boxes that stand out on crowded shelves. On the other hand, for online shops, it’s all about receiving it safely and making unboxing an enjoyable experience.

Your Brand Logo Should Be Displayed on Memory Box Die Cuts

Perhaps the most important design element of memory box die cuts is the logo. In this context, your brand’s logo should be easily recognizable. Of course, it should be able to differentiate your brand from your competitors. A great logo not only looks great wherever you go.

For instance, let’s have a look at some of the most famous logos in the world. Brands such as McDonald’s and Microsoft are recognizable at a glance.

So, once you have a logo design that you are happy with, don’t waste it. Start using your logo on the outside of your product packaging. You can try printing your stunning brand logo directly using digital or offset printing technique. Or else, you can also invest in logo stickers, logo stamps, or even logo-embellished packaging tape.

Focus On Applying the Ideal Colors to Your Die Cut Packaging Boxes

Color is another way to promote your brand identity. They help evoke certain moods and drive people to your offer. More than that, applying ideal colors to can improve the overall design of your die cut packaging boxes. Depending on the colors you use, your customers can experience different emotions.

At this point, you must think about how you want potential customers to feel when they see your product packaging. Also find out about the dominant color trends in your product segment. Then, see what your successful (and unsuccessful) competitors are using in their design schemes. Learn what they do well or where they may fall short and apply those lessons to your own designs.

Yet, never try to imitate what your competitors are doing. Instead, you must find the right colors that match your brand identity.

Carefully Choose the Font Style for Your Box Die Cuts

Yes, even the fonts you use on box die cuts say something to your target audience. Of course, you will find many options. However, keep your approach to letters and numbers in packaging design simple.

For instance, serif fonts are traditional fonts used by many brands. Meanwhile, Sains Serif expresses a more modern style. Or else, to offer some sophistication, cursive or script lettering works best. In simple words, you need the type of font style that will be easy to read and understand.

Consider an Ideal Pattern for Corrugated Box Die Cutting

Patterns are ideal to add an interesting accent to your corrugated box die cutting design. Luckily, there are various pattern options you can choose for your packaging design.

Have a look below for most popular options!

  • Try experimenting with polka dots of different sizes for a little whimsy
  • A classic stripe pattern will appeal to your conservative side
  • An on-trend chevron pattern for a youthful look
  • Art deco patterns are popular with vintage patterns
  • Line drawings that resemble circuit boards help convey your forward-thinking style

Whichever pattern you take, don’t be afraid to be creative and design. Or else, you can see how companies in other industries use patterns to create their own brand image.

Most importantly, find out what attracts people to your segment. Plus, figure out what is most attractive to customers who purchase your products or similar products. Ultimately, remember that you need to create a cohesive design that brings together all the elements such as the brand logo, colors, fonts, and patterns.

Pay Attention to the Practical Details of Die Cut Mailer Boxes Design

The design of your die cut mailer boxes and the display are not just for looks. Additionally, you need to focus on the practical aspects of the design and how it affects the customers’ overall experience.

Of course, it’s not the eye-catching aspect of product presentation. More than that, do note that it is essential for building your brand image and satisfying customers.

From the type of box you use to the inner padding, to the outer label, everything plays a part in creating the perfect design and opening experience. Thus, you really have to pay attention to the practical designs of your packaging boxes.

Focus On Delivering a Memorable Unboxing Experience Through Die Cut Corrugated Boxes

At this point, you might be wondering if a good design for die cut corrugated boxes really matters. Well, just take look at the popularity of product unboxing videos on social media to know that the answer is yes. In addition, we can say that great packaging is an opportunity to connect with your customers and grow your brand.

Indeed, your main goal is to sell people high-quality products. Yet, providing a great experience to the market customers will surely keep them coming back. Even better, it will also give them convincing reasons to praise this experience to their friends and family. The fact is, any company can offer a great product whether they buy it online or in a store. What really separates a good brand from one that is just good is the overall experience they offer.

Get the Right Theme with a Custom Box Printer

Yes, of course, designing your packaging with a custom box printer can be overwhelming.  But you should not be afraid to create great packages. Understanding the process goes beyond creating a beautiful logo or choosing the right size box to give yourself an edge over others.

So, take time to think about some essential points below!

  • How your packaging can strengthen your brand?
  • Will the packaging differentiate and protect your product?
  • How good the packaging is in impressing your consumer base?

Remember, it’s not just one element such as a logo, color, box, filler, text, or image that makes a beautiful product packaging. Instead, they all work together to create a unique product presentation and memorable unboxing experience.

When it comes to designing ideal boxes for an unboxing video, working with a reliable packaging supplier is always a good idea. You will find hundreds of die cut cardboard box manufacturers with a single click. However, remember to choose a reliable one that you can partner with.

Wrapping Up

Indeed, designing the ideal packaging for your product is essential to reach business success. With our complete guide about box packaging die cut template design above, your packaging will be as memorable to your customers as your product! Start designing your box today with MyBoxPrinter!

Things to Consider About Box Packaging Die Cut Template Design

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