Creative Cereal Boxes Ideas – Online Vs. Offline Sales

More companies today sell their products both online and offline. Some cereal brands in the food industry have followed this step eventually. However, this hybrid approach can make packaging even more difficult than before. In this regard, you need to know to overcome this challenge and find the perfect packaging solutions for your new business venture. To help you out, below are some points to consider when getting creative cereal boxes ideas for both online and offline sales.

Shift to Online Sales with Customized Cereal Boxes

The shift to online sales is undeniable, with global e-commerce sales expected to hit $4.2 trillion this year. Other statistics show that online sales will continue to be necessary.

For example, 93.5% of global Internet users purchase their products online. Additionally, about 74% of US customers said they would continue to shop online rather than in stores after the COVID-19 pandemic. This applies the same when it comes to selling cereals. Customized cereal boxes can be very valuable to help you out in this regard.

The Purpose of Empty Cereal Boxes in Retail Stores

As you can see, retail and e-commerce models are completely different. Accordingly, each requires different packaging solutions. So, let’s first discuss the purpose of empty cereal boxes in retail stores.

  • Attract

The main purpose of packaging boxes is to attract the attention of potential customers. Your cereals will have to compete with many competitors. Thus, it is very important to stand out with an eye-catching packaging design.

  • Demonstrate

Another purpose of packaging boxes in retail stores is to demonstrate the function and purpose of your cereals. Your boxes should make it clear what your products look like and how customers can get the health benefits.

  • Inform

Your boxes should educate potential customers and give them all the information they need to feel confident about purchasing your cereals. You should add nutritional information, association brands, and more.

The Purpose of Personalized Cereal Boxes for Online Stores

Personalized cereal boxes for e-commerce or online stores should be designed for other purposes. Let’s take a closer look at what this means.

  • Protection

The main purpose of your boxes when you sell cereals online is to protect your products throughout the delivery process. Your boxes will go through multiple hands during delivery and are often tossed around. This is why they must be strong, durable, and protective to protect your cereals from damage before they reach customers.

  • Support financially

Many brands tend to ignore the promotional potential of packaging boxes. Well, the boxes you use to present your cereals in online stores play an important role in the overall customer experience. This is reasonable enough for your cereal brand to pay attention to.

  • Retro cereal boxes Offer more profits

Lastly, retro cereal boxes for your online sales should be profit-driven. In an online world where customers expect services like two-day free shipping, you often have to shoulder some of these high costs to secure a sale. This means you need to maximize profits in other areas, such as your packaging boxes.

In addition, your boxes must be compact and lightweight. Why?

Because the shipping cost will be calculated according to the size and weight to maximize profits.

Will Cool Cereal Boxes Perfect for Both Online and Offline Sales?

While there are differences between online and offline sales, there are also similarities when it comes to designing cool cereal boxes. Below are some factors to consider when designing the perfect boxes!

Packaging Material

Perhaps the most important aspect of packaging boxes is the material. You can see materials such as plastic, cardboard, and even metal in offline or retail stores. Meanwhile, cardboard and kraft are common packaging materials in the online industry.

The Shapes

Regarding the shapes, packaging boxes for offline stores must be more exciting and unique to stand out on the shelves. On the other hand, for online selling, the boxes typically come in more uniform shapes and sizes, such as rectangles and squares. This will avoid the high shipping costs associated with irregularly shaped boxes.

The Size

The size of your boxes is important in both online and offline stores. Retailers need compact packaging to avoid taking up too much shelf space. Online selling needs the boxes to be as small as possible to reduce shipping costs. However, keep in mind that a box that is too small can actually damage your sensitive cereals.

The Color Combinations

Colors on the packaging are the one that helps you communicate with customers and evoke certain emotions. In offline selling, it makes more sense to use bright, bold colors such as red and yellow to draw attention to your cereals.

Meanwhile, online selling offers more freedom in color choice based on brand personality and existing color schemes.


All types of boxes must have a clear visual representation of the brand name and logo. However, offline selling might require you to include images of your cereals. To follow the trend, you can also consider vintage cereal boxes.

In online selling, customers will purchase your cereal products based on what they see online. Thus, you might not need to use the same visuals in this context.

The Durability

Again, all types of packaging boxes must be durable to some degree. In this regard, the durability of your boxes for the online store should take precedence over everything else. Meanwhile, the boxes you use for offline or retail stores must be reasonably durable.

Cereal Boxes Ideas for Both Online and Offline Sales

At the end of the day, you surely want to grab high sales whether you are selling your cereals online or offline. Well, below are some cereal boxes ideas to help you out!

Show Off Your Products

When trying to compete, you must present your cereal products in the best possible way. This works best when you choose a unique packaging style. For instance, you can consider cereal boxes with hats.

Know Your Competitors

Speaking of competition, you also need to know about your competitors both online and offline. Yes, you need to know what your competitors and their packaging boxes look like.

Yet, this does not mean that your boxes should match your competitor’s packaging. Be creative and do something different with packaging that captures the customers’ attention and interest.

Display Value

Your product packaging says a lot about your cereals, including their value. When customers are considering a purchase, the quality of packaging represents the quality of your products.

Prioritize Product Protection

As you know, protection is paramount when it comes to selling any product. This is why you should choose the right size for your packaging boxes.

Go Custom

Size is one of many aspects of your boxes that you can customize. Instead, you can customize almost every aspect of your packaging boxes, from paper types to print options and designs.

Create an Unforgettable Unboxing Experience

Customers these days crave an exciting unboxing experience, and you have to provide them with one to win their hearts. You can do this by printing your brand’s logo, colors, and fonts.

Go Green

Customers also want to be environmentally friendly, so your customized cereal boxes should do the same. Your boxes should be recyclable and sustainable. Well, you can do your part to protect the environment and win customers at the same time.

Wrapping Up

Whether you sell your cereals online or offline, you need the right packaging boxes. Hopefully, our creative cereal boxes ideas will give you some inspiration. To start designing your boxes, you can contact MyBoxPrinter today!



Creative Cereal Boxes Ideas – Online Vs. Offline Sales

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