5 Golden Rules to Design Your Hat Shipping Boxes Unique


Most importantly, your product packaging needs to always stand out from your brand competitors in the market. Of course, it should also appeal to customers, whether you sell your products in retail stores or online.

These are not words, but the conversion rate shows the importance of a unique packaging design for hat boxes. Imagine and understand a quality product, and you will see its unique packaging. On the other hand, no product or brand can survive in the long term without quality packaging.

The reason we associate a unique packaging design with product success is simple. Because not one of us wants to carry around a product in poor-quality packaging. For convenience, every single brand wants to see its products in premium product packaging.

The Golden Rules to Note When Designing Unique Custom Hat Boxes

Unique packaging boxes will surely make your hat products unique. That said, a unique product is one that a brand wants to make and one that customers want to buy. Your custom hat boxes are, therefore, directly related to your hat products. In addition, the boxes will determine the fate of your apparel brand. With this in mind, you need to understand, plan and design your own packaging boxes and make them unique.

What’s more, the design of your packaging boxes should allow easy introduction of new product line references. This will influence your brand awareness and how customers see you. After all, unique boxes are always efficient, and customer-friendly, and make your products more visible. So, let’s check out 5 golden rules to note when designing unique shipping boxes for hats.

1.      The Design of Your Shipping Hat Boxes Must Be Functional

The functionality of your shipping hat boxes is the ultimate requirement. The reason is obvious here; all other efforts will yield no useful results if they do not perform the necessary functions. Functional here means the boxes should meet all the necessary packaging goals.

The main goal of any type of product packaging is the perfect placement or packaging of the product and its safety. High-quality packaging ensures that your product always fits securely inside the box. Additionally, the right packaging will protect your hat product from damage. You should choose the exact design and the best materials for your custom boxes for proper placement and protection.

Yes, custom boxes are more effective than relying on regular boxes. Unlike regular boxes, custom boxes allow you to choose designs and materials based on your personal preferences.

In short, when deciding on a design, always measure the exact dimensions of your products. The precise dimensions of your boxes allow for the perfect placement of your products. Likewise, choosing the best material for your product type will help you get sturdy packaging boxes. This way, the boxes will ensure proper protection of your products inside.

2.      The Design of Your Hat Shipping Box Needs to Be Promotional

An attractive packaging design is your only salvation when your product needs to stand out from other similar products on supermarket shelves. To do this, you should avoid conventional colors already used by other brands.

Instead, you should design your hat shipping box by:

  • Applying unique design schemes, such as color combinations
  • Using your brand-oriented patterns
  • Decorating the design with a stylish font style and a stunning brand logo

Attractive design grabs the attention of customers you want to deal with. Being attractive is not only beneficial for your hat products. Far better, it is also beneficial for your apparel brand. Once your customers take your products into their hands, your packaging design will make a lasting impression. This is where exactly you can use your product packaging as a beneficial, free advertisement. Keep in mind that smart product packaging can tell a lot about quantity. This way, you provide reasons to believe in your brand.

In addition, your product packaging will be an important tool for promoting your brand to your target customers. Thus, your product packaging should communicate your brand. Eventually, it should instantly connect customers to your hat products through the design.

3.      Your Hat Shipping Supplies Must Be Affordable

You should pay attention in planning hat shipping supplies that will impact your overall budget. Yes, we are talking about your packaging, which is a product’s lifelong companion here. Designing your bespoke quality packaging is efficient and affordable for your business. This will help to reduce production costs at the same time.

In addition, customized packaging boxes can play an important role in competing with big apparel brands. Don’t forget that you can customize the boxes according to the design of your products and your brand identity.

4.      The Design of Your Hat Boxes for Shipping Should Be User-Friendly

User-friendly packaging is always a success. By customizing hat boxes for shipping, you can convey a lot of value to your customers. Smart and easy-to-use boxes also help a lot in reducing costs and expenses through their simplicity and ease of use.

You should also consider keeping the design as simple as you can. After all, we know how today’s customers are time constrained. Anything that forces them to stay on the ball for another minute loses your attention. For this, you can try out applying:

  • Stylish and clean fonts
  • Minimalist designs
  • Trendy graphics to clearly differentiate your products

Remember that making your packaging boxes too crowded will only confuse customers. In the worst-case scenario, excessive color combinations can eventually indicate a cheap or poor-quality product.

Instead, you should keep your boxes simple with bright colors and bold fonts. After all, good products don’t need to be shouted at. This is how customers think and decide in favor of your hat products.

In addition, well-designed packaging boxes not only save material costs. Better than that, they will also help in protecting the environment. We know that customers often value brands that are socially responsible. Hence, it is important to think about ethics and how it applies to your retail packaging boxes.

Plus, do note that a second a customer sees your packaging can be your first and last chance to convince them to leave.

5.      The Design of Your Boxes to Ship Hats Should Be Consistent

Don’t be afraid to be creative, both visually and verbally. Understand that your customers will recognize your apparel brand because relationships are always built on trust.

When representing a brand offering multiple products, the design of your boxes to ship hats should use the same language. This applies in terms of design and content. If your hats have different product lines, make sure your packaging design follows a consistent theme. At the same time, you should also maintain a unique design language for each hat product when offering it.

Consistency will associate your hat products with your brand. Even better, it will give your products a unique look so customers can distinguish them from offers.

End Note

Indeed, your product packaging is directly related to your product. Therefore, it is equally important for brand success. With these 5 golden rules in mind, there is an urgent need for your brand to understand, plan, and design your hat shipping boxes. To design the best boxes for your products and brand, simply contact MyBoxPrinter today!



5 Golden Rules to Design Your Hat Shipping Boxes Unique

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