Consider When Getting Your Box Measurements

Measuring a box appears to be quite simple.  Yet, speaking of custom packaging, these measurements are essential for your product safety. Box measurements are a fundamental piece of any packaging. Why? Because the components of your packaging box impact what materials are required, the expense of production, as well as transportation and warehousing costs. As a brand owner, you need to consider some important points when getting your box measurements.

The Three Elements of Custom Box Dimensions

The first step to making the ideal packaging box is seeing how to calculate your custom box dimensions precisely. While this might seem like fundamental science, estimating the box dimensions with care requires some ideas.

So, what measurements you would need to calculate in this context?

The three fundamental elements by which boxes are estimated include length, width, and height.

To get everything rolling, check out the top opening of the packaging to measure the following measurements:

  • Length: This is the longest side when checking out the highest point of your product packaging.
  • Width: This part is more limited side when taking a look at the highest point of the packaging.
  • Height: This is the side opposite to the length and width.

Know the Importance of Custom Boxes Measurement

The business standard for custom boxes measurement would be depending on the internal estimations. Keep in mind that the right estimation between the internal and external measurements is important. Why? Because this estimation would lead you to get the right product packaging that accommodates your items perfectly.

The internal measurements are significantly more exact for both your items and your business. How? While it might appear to be more regular and easier to calculate the external measurements for a product packaging, the internal measurements are the main thing for your custom packaging project.

This guarantees your item could really fit inside the packaging box. Accordingly, you could tailor the estimations to ensure your item is secure. Leaving insignificant space for your items to move around in the box would lead your business to give excellent items without fail.

External Measurement Issue for Custom Packaging Boxes Dimensions

In case a product packaging is estimated by its external measurements, it could end up being tricky. Why? Because external custom packaging boxes dimensions would not consider the thickness of a box. This could actually make your custom packaging not be precisely fit. In the end, this could possibly harm your items during the shipping cycle. This is the last thing any brand owner could ever want.

Keeping this in mind, determining the right box measurements through its internal measurements eliminates any slice of uncertainty. After all, your main goal is to deliver your items to customers in the best shape and conditions, right?

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Getting the right box measurements might be tricky, especially if you are new in the business. However, you could easily get the right custom packaging from My Box Printer. Our professional and dedicated staff would help you to get the impeccable box that would secure your valuable items.

What to Consider When Getting Your Box Measurements

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