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There are many designs for packaging boxes available out there. Each packaging design comes with its qualities and owns an interesting shape. Yet, perhaps the most popular one we see each day is window packaging design. Custom window boxes have a lovely design that makes them ideal for packing a wide range of items. If you wish to attract more customers, below are some tips to design attractive custom window boxes you could try out.

Use High-Quality Material

You should focus on the quality of the packaging material you would use. To make the most ideal type of window packaging boxes, always go for a high-quality one. Remember, your packaging boxes must be sufficiently able to give security to your items. In this regard, you should choose the right material for your boxes carefully.

Probably the most ideal decision for window boxes is cardboard. This packaging material has the strength and sturdiness that you need.

Apply Attractive Packaging Design

The design of your window packaging is the most significant part. Various printing techniques can help you in this context. With the assistance of digital and offset printing methods, you could undoubtedly make your packaging box more engaging and alluring. Eventually, customers would be drawn to an item if the packaging is designed wonderfully.

Focus On the Size of Your Items

Another important factor to consider while designing custom window boxes is the size. The size of your bespoke boxes should match the item you wish to pack inside. If you are trying to place large-sized items, then your boxes should be made of a bigger size.

The amount of material you would use should be according to the item size. If your boxes are not designed by focusing on the size of your item, it will affect the customers’ minds. Therefore, you should think about this factor while designing your custom boxes.

Modify the Size and Location for the Window Shape

The window shape in your packaging design will influence customers to purchase the item packed inside. Thus, your window shape should be enticing for them to explore more.

For this reason, the perspective on the item inside the packaging box should be real and engaging. Thus, the area where you draw the window shape is also a thing to be considered of. The area and size of the window can grab the interest faster. In the end, bigger size and engaging window shape can drive every passing by to purchase your item.

Consider Applying a Simple Design

Simplicity is the most appealing thing in any packaging design. You could also save it basic for the customers as the simplicity has its own style. Your window boxes wholesale will look more perfect and elegant when you could design them with simplicity. After all, the beautiful layout of these packaging boxes already wins the hearts of customers. So, make it simple but elegant, and just sit back to see the wonders.

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How to Design Attractive Custom Window Boxes

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