Now a days Business World is being captivated by no ending war of innovation, quality and production. Every second businessman is trying to defeat the other’s, so that he can invade over the market to defeat its rival. One of the most crucial among them is the fashion industry, which is spending lot of money and resources round the year. One could easily analyze that manufacturers are always in search of the methods and ways to bring their product at the top from the rest. For making their product more successful, they embed their products in custom design boxes as much charming and attractive as possible.

In this regard, Hair Extension Boxes are one, a great tool to give a tempting look to the Hair Extension Products. They are given a very special and enticing look which plays vital role in brand marketing. There are many reasons why should you go for Custom Hair Extension Boxes. Reason behind making these boxes more exclusive are

  1. Window
  2. Hanger Shape
  3. Rigid
  4. Custom Die Cut
  5. Spot UV
  6. Foiling
  7. Inserts
  8. Magnetic
  9. Ribbon
  10. Protection
  1. Window

This special feature makes the Hair Extension boxes more prominent to the Consumer. Through this feature consumer can easily get the idea how the product inside will exactly look alike. This feature make the business owner less stressed against display marketing and advertisement. Consumer can easily make choice to select the product on the basis of its different color, size and length of the hair.

  1. Hanger Shaped

Using this feature shop owner can easily hang the product on the display panels to entice the consumer attention. Hanging feature ease the shop owner to display maximum no of products in less space with maximum visibility. Hanger items entice more attention rather than the shelved product.

  1. Rigid

Rigid feature of the Hair Extension Boxes is a packaging technique which make the packaging more stronger than the usual cardboard made boxes. In this packaging more features like Window and Ribbon can be added to make the product more engaging.

  1. Custom Die Cut

Die Cut feature is extremely useful in designing the packaging. It can make the Box exactly the same size and shape of the product to make the product more visible to the consumer. These Hair Extension Boxes are made with smooth paper and cards available in a cutting custom cutting form.

  1. Spot UV

Spot UV on these Custom Hair Extension Boxes can enhance the product authentication by displaying the Logo and brand identification mark on the box. This feature attracts the consumer trust over the rest of the products in the market. Spot UV can be made both in Glossy and Matt Form. Glossy will make it more shinier to enhance the product brand visibility.

  1. Foiling and Stamping

Custom Foiling and stamping is a process where matte or Glossy foil is applied to the product, giving it a exclusive and sophisticated look. Add your brand name, logo, tagline, and more to your Custom boxes.
Foiling and Stamping make your Custom Boxes more trusted with Brand Stamps. Consumer trust can only be developed by adding this feature.

  1. Inserts

Inserts make the Product more protected inside the box. Insert are customized according to the size and shape of the product with the Custom Hair Extension Boxes. Custom made cardboard inserts are placed inside to fix the original product.

  1. Magnetic

Magnetic Feature of these Hair Extension Boxes made them more enticing and engaging with the ease of opening the lid to view the product by the consumer. Lid can have the Window feature with the magnetic Lid to make the product more appealing from the rest.

  1. Ribbon

Ribbons make the Custom Hair Extension Boxes more alluring and engaging. They enhance the Packaging look and feel with Gift shape.

  1. Protection and Eco Friendly

These Boxes are made in a way that it gives maximum protection to the product inside from dust, moisture and direct heat and are made more eco-friendly to protect the product inside from the environmental toxic effects.

Why Hair Extension Boxes are special Packaging Product
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